eloona GmbH


Wire knits, metal filters, filter plates, drop separators, explosion protection, fabrics, warp-knits, flame protection filters, demisters, filter inserts, expanded metal, grease collecting filters, sound.

Our products:
Grease collecting filters; Filter inserts; Drop separators; Wire knits; Flame protection filters; Metal filters

eloona GmbH

As an innovative, dynamic and ecologically oriented company, eloona drahtgestrick GmbH is characterised by its aim to protect the environment and to work in an environmentally friendly and philanthropic manner in every respect. The latest technology and unbeatable support for your orders and projects are the guiding force behind our philosophy. Our commitment to continuous development guarantees that the challenges of ever-increasing technological demands are met. When it comes to filter, environmental and process engineering, we manufacture technical knitted mesh filters, demisters and complete separation cartridges for practically every branch of separation and filtering technology. Our main fields of application are dust removal, supply and exhaust air filtration, air-conditioning systems, flue gas separation, demisters, oil and emulsion mist collectors and grease filters, as well as baffle plates and flame protection filters in commercial kitchen technology.

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