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Wire knits, metal filters, filter plates, drop separators, explosion protection, fabrics, warp-knits, flame protection filters, demisters, filter inserts, expanded metal, grease collecting filters, sound.

- Wire knits: Technical wire knits represent our core product. Areas of application include: Sound protections, bearing elements, sealing elements, heat protection, protection against vandalism, filter packages and decorative material.
- Grease collecting filters: Grease collecting filters are being used in large-scale catering establishments, within extraction hoods or range hoods as well as in the climate and ventilation technology.
- Filter inserts: We produce filter inserts made of a variety of materials, such as iron galv., aluminium, stainless steel, plastic or other material combinations. We are happy to manufacture customer specific applications.
- Flame protection filters: Flame protection filters of type A and B in accordance with DIN 18869-5 are mainly being used in range hoods and ceilings with integral ventilation equipment. Here, we also offer special sizes.
- Metal filters: Our innovative manufacturing technique enables dimensionally accurate and professional filter production. By choosing us, you will be sure to receive metal filters from all  materials, in standard sizes as well as special sizes.
- Drop separators: We produce filter cassettes and eliminators that match the exact needs of our customers.

Our products:
Grease collecting filters; Filter inserts; Drop separators; Wire knits; Flame protection filters; Metal filters

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