EM-Technik GmbH


We are a leading global supplier of high performance miniature valves and high quality fittings made of special plastics such as PA, PP, PP natural, PP-EL, PVDF, PVDF-HP, PVDF-EL, PTFE, PTFE-EL, PFA, PFA-HP and PEEK.

Our consistent focus on the needs of our customers and on uncompromising quality make emtechnik products the preferred choice in many industries for a great variety of application solutions and anywhere maximum safety and reliability is required.

Our high-tech products such as hose and tube fittings, flowmeters, valves, ball valves, filters and manifolds make up a modular system in which all parts are compatible with each other.

Our products:
• threaded fittings for plastic hoses
• pipe fittings of plastics
• fittings of plastics
• plastic ball valves
• valves of plastic
• diaphragm valves
• flow measuring services
• flexible hoses
• plastic compression fittings

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