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At Emergency Lighting Products Limited (ELP), we are a small and focussed UK manufacturing company specialising in emergency lighting equipment products and services.

We are also part of a specialised group of luminaire and lighting component manufacturers operating ISO 9001:2008 registered factories and state of the art sheet metal forming and finishing capabilities.

Emergency Lighting Conversions

We specialise in emergency lighting conversions, supporting a team of experienced engineers that carry out modifications of normal mains voltage luminaries, to incorporate integral emergency lighting equipment. The ISO 9001 registered factory conducts all work to the requirements of ICEL 1004.

We are the only emergency lighting manufacturer you need for the supply of standard products, specials and emergency lighting conversions.

Emergency Lighting Manufacturers

With a wealth of experience and expertise as emergency lighting manufacturers, we work closely with our customers to produce special products designed to exact project specifications. These could include bespoke circuits and enclosures with updated battery technologies, power supplies or new light sources for example.

The photometric performance of new or modified luminaires can be measured by our in-house test laboratory and new products can be assessed to the CE Marking Directive.

LED Emergency Exit Signs

For LED emergency exit signs, we supply the MAXIM LED exit sign, renowned for its practical yet attractive properties, offering long life, low energy and excellent performance.

Fully complying with the requirements of EN 60598.2.22, this LED emergency exit sign is supplied with a front cover in gloss white as standard, although textured white and textured grey finishes are also available. They provide smaller physical dimensions in comparison to conventional fluorescent exit signs while still offering a very useful 28 metre viewing distance.

Emergency Conversion Equipment

Our emergency conversion equipment includes several specialist product ranges. The low voltage THK tungsten kits are designed for the operation of LV tungsten halogen or LED downlights. The wide range of 700 and 350mA mains and emergency LED equipment, like the high powered LED emergency equipment range, offer optimum solutions for LED modules.

We also offer the following emergency conversion equipment:

  • ECK Conversion Kits and OM Modules ( Fluorescent) - comprises a high quality emergency lighting inverter module (OM and OM/LP) and the appropriate battery pack
  • IMK and IM Combined Conversion Equipment (Fluorescent) - incorporating a high quality electronic ballast and an emergency lighting inverter within the same enclosure

Emergency Lighting Batteries

Emergency lighting batteries are available in two excellent product ranges - nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride.

We supply the 'D' cell 1.2V 4Ah high temperature nickel cadmium battery cells in various stick and side-by-side formats all supplied wired to an Amp connector. The nickel metal hydride is available in 'A' and 'C' cell 1.2V 4Ah types in a range of stick formats. Like the nickel cadmium batteries, the nickel metal hydride cells are also supplied wired to an amp connector.

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