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Emmaco is a UK specialist supplier of high-speed spindles and process monitoring systems

As the UK agent for IBAG and Argotech, we can supply you the process monitoring system or high-speed spindle system to suit your business needs. Use of high speed spindles has quickly become an industry choice for staying ahead of competitors, utilising the benefits of shorter lead times and higher accuracy in the whole industry from aircraft, automotive, production manufacturing, to tooling companies that support them.

The Argotech monitoring system fully monitors your machining process, detecting tool wear, breakage, faulty parts, machine faults, etc. the system can be used for all types of machine processes turning, milling, stamping, forming, moulding etc.

High Speed Spindles

The HF cartridge spindle covers a wide range of spindles from 25 to 350mm and above, 0.1KW to in excess of 350KW and with speeds up to 180,000rpm.

All IBAG's High Speed Spindles are manufactured to the highest standard to provide the precision machining solutions you need to meet today's requirements.

  • High-Speed
  • High-Quality
  • High-Productivity
  • Lower Costs
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Quiet even at top speed

IBAG high-speed spindles use the most advanced technology available today

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High Speed Spindles

Plug & Go Spindles

he "Plug & Go" machine tool spindles are designed to fit quickly and easily into both horizontal and vertical machining centres, hence the name "Plug & Go" spindle. It can take as little as a tool change less than 5 seconds to convert your existing machine to high speed. These spindles are available with all standard machine taper adapters (BT - SK - CAT - HSK), enabling the spindle to fit straight into your existing machine tool without any special modification.

The "Plug & Go" spindle with its high speed and high power gives you outstanding performance for fine detailed milling, engraving, drilling and hard machining of precision mould and die work, it can also be used for many other high speed machining applications cutting metals such as steel, graphite, aluminium, composites and plastics.

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Plug & Go Spindles


Process monitors from Argotech GmbH help subcontractors and manufacturers alike to 

  • Achieve a high level & consistent production quality
  • Significantly reduced operational costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Expand manufacturing capacity

How does it work?
Process monitoring equipment measures the machining process in real time through strategically placed sensors on your machine tool. The outputs sensors are continuously compared against a master machine cycle, which has been stored as a representative of a good machine cycle. If the signal deviates from the master cycle and pre-set tolerance limit, an alarm is generated the system alerts the operator and if necessary stop the production process.

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» Automatic cover for tool protection
Tool Pocket Detection 

» Preventing accidental miss loading of tooling
Positioning / Location
» Simple location system allowing you to easily install or remove the Toolchanger as required.

Manufactured to suit both machine and budget
  » The Toolchanger has been designed as an option system so that it can be manufactured to suit both your machine tool and budget requirements


As a spindle manufacturer IBAG have the specialist knowledge required for repairing all other makes of high speed spindle, With highly experienced staff in design, repair and modification, a dedicated spindle repair centre with all the specialist equipment required we offer the highest level of spindle repair service available.

With ever increasing requirements placed on the High Frequency Motor Spindle, it is becoming more and more packed with the latest technology and specialised spindle options such as adjustable pre-load bearing, encoder positioning and more sophisticated automatic tool change systems, only constantly trained personnel can keep up with the ever changing technology.

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