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Automate ALL your Employee Performance Management Processes

emPerform is a unique, all-in-one employee performance management software solution. The flexible, user-friendly performance appraisal system can add real value to your business by showing you who is engaged in the workplace, who has achieved their quarterly/annual objectives, who are the overall best performers and ultimately who deserves a pay rise.

Our all-in-one solution features

  • Automated appraisals
  • Talent management - attract, retain and develop talent. Align employee goals with business objectives
  • Compensation management - link employee performance to remuneration
  • Succession planning - identify and assess high performing employees, potential successors and analyse skill sets
  • 360° multi-rater reviews - gather feedback from peers and supervisors with 360 degree appraisal software
  • Employee and customer surveys - ensure your business is on the right track and your staff are motivated

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