EMS (Electro Mechanical Systems) Ltd

Electro Mechanical Systems Ltd are the precision drives specialists. They represent the FAULHABER Group product range comprising of small ironless rotor brushed and brushless DC micro motors, miniature Precistep steppers, gearheads, encoders and miniature linear actuators.

EMS Ltd have a range of brushless motors which are suitable in a range of conditions.

EMS's brushless motors are utilised for high speed applications and each model has a long life expectancy. For particular situations where space is limited, there is a range of flat profile motors available which can be purchased in both a brushed and brushless design.

Electric Linear Actuators

EMS Ltd has a wide range of electric linear actuators.

As long established distributors for Magnetic Elektromotoren, now owned by Ewellix (formerly SKF Actuation Systems), EMS also offer their comprehensive range of linear actuation systems together with those from Mingardi in Italy.

EMS also has extensive design and manufacturing facilities in the UK where they can design and manufacture customised solutions to meet your exact requirements.

The Ewellix range of electric linear actuators includes:

  • Matrix
  • Ecomag
  • CALA
  • Runner
  • Mobilette
  • CAT modular
Electric Linear Actuators

DC Motors

Equipped with the latest in technological capabilities, EMS offer a class leading line of DC motors.

The DC motors range come in brush and brushless specifications and the core FAULHABER range uses skew wound ironless core rotor technology which provides unparralled power to weight ratios.

The brushless DC motors are particularly durable and have an impressive life expectancy as well as high speed capabilities.

DC Motors

Micromechanical Systems

The Faulhaber Group manufacture micromechanical systems which started 70 years ago with the production of their miniature, high precision ball bearings.

These micromechanical systems are reliable and of significantly high quality which has resulted in these materials being used in a multitude of applications including space exploration.

Micromechanical Systems

Miniature Precision Bearings

For the development of complete motion systems, miniature precision bearings are utilised, which are produced by EMS's partner Micro Precision System AG of Switzerland.

With years of experience, these miniature precision bearings offer standard and bespoke solutions in ball screws, linear guides and four-point contact ballraces.

Miniature Precision Bearings

Piezo Technology

Piezo technology by the Swedish company PiezoMotor is the pinnacle of reliability and performance.

The most prominent design feature behind Piezo technology is its use of very few parts when manufactured. With Piezo motors the need for other components is decreased which streamlines the design and provides a long lasting lifetime.

Piezomotor are distributed throughout the UK by Electro Mechanical Systems.

Piezo Technology

EMS (Electro Mechanical Systems) Ltd Overview