EMS Ltd based in Aylesbury is a leading UK specialist in the design and manufacturer of electrical distribution equipment for industry. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio from switchgear components to low voltage distribution and motor control gear assemblies, to a diversified customer base including end-users and OEM's electrical contractors and wholesalers.

EMS has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008 for the design and manufacture of low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies.

EMS has a licenced partnership agreement with Eaton Electric for the manufacture & supply of low voltage modular distribution systems.


The Modan® system offers a safe and communication-enabled power distribution system. The space saving design with standard function modules ensures that planning, handling and commisioning can be carried out quickly, providing a tailored solution for any building or industrial application.

Features include:

  • Increased safety for your employees and systems using modular withdrawable and removable technology
  • Transparent communication for control of your operation using intergrated communication-capable switchgear and protective devices
  • High levels of availability for your application using intelligent built-in systems
  • Individual combination options with space-saving design
  • The system complies with IEC 60439-1

The Modan system can be supplied complete with ARCON arc-fault protection system which prevents damage consequential to internal arc faults in main switchgear systems

The xEnergy system is designed to meet constantly increasing requirements, providing optimum conditions for building infrastructure up to 5000 A. 

Features Include:

  • The xEnergy system offers a design verified switchgear assembly for maximum trouble free operation, the right choice of either fixed, removable or fully withdrawable technology keep down times to a minimum
  • The xEnergy system is designed for increasing future requirements. It's module-based design allows for smart combinations and expansions
  • The system complies with the IEC 60439-1 


EMS offers a complete range of MCB Distribution Boards & MCCB Panelboards providing all the options you need to deliver safe, reliable and high performance protection of electrical power systems.



CI Insulated distribution boards have a minimum IP65 protective rating and can meet any enviromental challenges whether dust, humidity or even hosed water

The IVS service distribution system is applicable where stringent requirements for safety and the greatest possible flexibility. The system is desugned for power distribution and monitoring of electrical equipment in resedential buildings, schools, hotels, offices, department stores and similar buildings.


EMS have a dedicated custom solutions team to explore and develop new business opportunities in different markets. We have a proven track record in developing innovative power solutions in industrial, automotive, marine , solar, agriculture, aerospace, farming, medical, food processing and packaging.


EMS manufacture and supply motor starters and controlgear assemblies throughout Europe.We offer a range of DOL, reversing & star-delta starters in insulated, steel and stainless steel enclosure combinations making them suitable for use in every industrial enviroment.

Other products include: rotary isolators, switch fuses, changeover switches, by-pass switches, automatic transfer switches, enclosed MCCB's, enclosed lighting / heating contactors, control stations and ACB solutions.

Products range from 20A to 800A, open or enclosed in three pole, TPN or four pole with accessries, insulated, steel or stainless steel combinations are available.

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