Enabling People

Enabling People! is an independent consultancy about human problems affecting performance, health and safety, and legal compliance. Staff are a chartered occupational psychology, registered safety practitioner, registered ergonomist, registered counsellor and chartered H.R. practitioner.

Benefits to an employing organisation from services and tools at Enabling People! include:
  • High and sustained levels of employee commitment and of performance, through systems of diversity and of lean production or otherwise;
  • Reduction in costs arising from absence and personal injury through effective and empathetic management of risks to employee safety and occupational health;
  • Facilitation of complex phases of organisational change through management coaching and, where need be, career guidance and counselling;
  • Resolution of an impasse about `attitudes¿ on the part of management and/or employees that results in refreshed commitment without "victims".
  • Avoidance of litigation and loss of management time due to expert, timely advice on employment, health and safety law.
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