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We are specialist suppliers of rotary encoders, shaft encoders and absolute encoders. We have a wealth of understanding and expertise in shaft encoders, absolute encoders and rotary encoders, as well as experience designing many other special designs of encoder. With over 35 years of experience in the control and industrial sensing industry and are the best provider for the supply, repair and replacement of all varieties of encoders.

Selecting the correct encoder for the job can be difficult so we work with you to help you understand your specific problem and quickly recommend the best solution for your requirements.

 We have a vast range of products from many of the biggest names in the industry so whether you are looking for an absolute, incremental or specially designed rotary or shaft encoder we have the services and products for you.

Absolute Encoder Range

We provide you with an exceptional absolute encoder range and wide product choice. We complement our own UK manufactured range of encoders, resolvers and related motion sensing devices, by working closely with many other specialist digital electronics partners, and other European and Asian manufacturers. From miniature incremental encoders to sophisticated programmable multi-turns, we have the widest choice by far.

Absolute Encoder Range

Absolute Electro Magnetic Encoders

Our absolute electro magnetic encoders, RxM22 modules, are low, rugged and come with a variety of interfaces. Flange and case are constructed from aluminium and have a separate magnetic actuator in stainless steel with bores from 4mm to 10mm to cater for an external driving shaft.

Absolute Electro Magnetic Encoders

Absolute Electro Optical Encoders

Our absolute electro optical encoders, Model C3A 27, have miniature single turn parallel or synchronous serial interfaces. Electro optical encoders are robust and compactly designed for mechanical engineering applications.

If required, we will create customer specific modifications to absolute electro optical encoders, but standard designs consist of hardware multi turn gearing and IP 65 and IP 66 protection grade. Our range of absolute electro optical encoders also includes:

  • Models EAM 58, 65 and 66 with multi turn parallel or serial interfaces
  • Modes KRE-58-S and 58-K with multi turn serial interfaces
Absolute Electro Optical Encoders

Low Cost Absolute Electro Optical Encoders

Our range of absolute electro optical encoders feature Model EA58 series, Serial SSI : 14, 15, 16 Bits, Parallel: 14 Bits.
These low cost absolute single turn encoders are durable and compact ideal for mechanical engineering and instrumentation applications.

Low Cost Absolute Electro Optical Encoders

Serial/Parallel Converter Board for Encoders with SSI Interface

Our serial/parallel converter board for encoders are available in a range of models. The 3-axis absolute SSI PCI encoder interface card has programmable data and scan rates, programmable bit length and synchronisation and triggering facilities. Our range of converter board for encoders also includes:

  • Deva 018 Interpolator
  • Encoder Interpolation and digitising electronics module
Serial/Parallel Converter Board for Encoders with SSI Interface

What We Can Do For You

You can avoid economic mistakes when selecting your encoder by letting us do the work and choosing for you. We have the best selection of rotary encoders, hollow and shaft encoders, incremental and absolute encoders, linear scales, and resolvers and accessories. We can also help you to select multi turn or single turn absolute encoders, as well as choosing SSI, EnDat, or programmable encoders. Other areas of support we provide include:

  • The latest encoder designs, custom built with high accuracy and low cost
  • Technical help and information
  • Fast response times and expert help
  • Special encoders - intrinsically safe (NAMUR), ATEX certified, oil patch applications, heavy duty, micro miniature, and analogue output

We supply, replace and repair encoders by the biggest names out there. We distribute and service an extremely wide range of absolute, incremental and specially designed rotary or shaft encoders from companies such as:

  • BEI
  • Litton
  • Hohner
  • Fanuc
  • Tamagawa
  • Kuroda
  • Nikon
  • Sumtak
  • Bosch
What We Can Do For You
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