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Endress+Hauser is a global supplier of process instrumentation, engineered solutions and added value services. We work closely with customers to increase plant efficiency, productivity and profitability. We offer comprehensive process control and automation solutions in level, pressure, flow, temperature, analysis, data acquisition and digital communications across all the process industries.


Endress+Hauser’s flowmeter range includes Coriolis, thermal, Vortex, ultrasonic and electromagnetic devices, so whatever the application, you have the most suitable solution.

Endress+Hauser’s comprehensive mass flow portfolio covers a wide range of applications in liquid, gas and steam measurement. Promass Coriolis meters not only measure mass and volume flow, but also provide density, temperature, concentration and viscosity measurement, offering amazing value for money!

Pressure transmitters

Endress+Hauser’s pressure and differential pressure transmitters meet your requirements for accuracy and reliability.

The Cerabar range offers high measurement integrity, long term stability and precision measurement for a wide range of applications including hygienic and hazardous area processes.

The Deltapilot hydrostatic level transmitters, traditionally favoured by the food & beverage industry, deliver reliable continuous level measurement even in foaming media and pastes and applications with changing conductivity. Their hermetically sealed CONTITE measuring cell makes them ideal for chilled applications eliminating condensation problems.

Temperature Measurement

With Endress+Hauser’s extensive temperature portfolio, you can choose the perfect solution for your job, from thermowells and industrial temperature sensors to hygienic process connections and a high temperature transmitters for hazardous area applications.

Endress+Hauser is recognised as a specialist in the design and manufacture of bespoke temperature solutions, delivered from its extensive manufacturing facilities in Manchester.

Liquid analysis

Endress+Hauser offers a wide range of analytical solutions including pH measurement systems and water samplers. Measurable parameters include pH / ORP, conductivity, oxygen, turbidity, concentration, sludge level, disinfection, nutrients, TOC and metals / other indicators.

With inductive two-way data transfer between sensor and transmitter, the Memosens digital pH sensors guarantee interference-free measuring signals eliminating the problems of moisture ingress, leakages and corrosion. They allow important process data to be saved directly in the sensor including calibration data as well as operating values that can be used as a basis for predictive maintenance.

Process automation solutions

Endress+Hauser supplies complete solutions for tank farm automation, energy management and field network engineering applications across all industries. Specialising in the design and implementation of open technologies that link information from the field to your control, management and maintenance systems, Endress+Hauser helps to improve control capabilities and your bottom line.

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