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Here at Enercon Industries Ltd, we specialise in the supply of induction cap sealer machines and comprehensive technical support. Our induction cap sealer machines create hermetic seals to create tamper evident packaging, prevent leaks and preserve product freshness.

Direct Foil Capless Sealing

We enable you to use direct foil capless sealing to keep products fresh and tamper proof. Our direct foil capless sealing solutions are energy efficient and enable a 50% reduction in foil thickness.

Features include:

  • A foil rate of 60 units per minute from a single head with 0.3 second cycle time
  • An Enercon Induction contact sealer uses far less energy than conventional hot plates
  • Resulting in at least 25% reduction in energy use
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and consequently carbon footprint
  • Foil thickness can, in general, be reduced from 60 micron down to 20 micron - a saving of more than 50% on the amount of foil being used.
  • The sealing head and power unit can be retro-fitted to existing lines
  • The maintenance on induction contact sealers is substantially less than contact heating plates
Direct Foil Capless Sealing

Corona, Plasma and Flame Surface Treaters

We offer a complete line of corona, plasma and flame surface treaters designed for promoting surface adhesion on a wide assortment of films and objects. Our corona, plasma and flame surface treaters clean, etch and functionalise surfaces to allow printing, coating, laminating, bonding, painting and decorating.


Corona, Plasma and Flame Surface Treaters

Induction Cap Sealing Videos

Visit our website to see our range of induction cap sealing videos. Our induction cap sealing videos includes:

  • The super seal junior
  • Induction cap sealing: improving productivity
  • Induction cap sealing insights
  • The super seal max
  • The super seal touch
  • The super seal 50, 75, 100
Induction Cap Sealing Videos

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