Engineered Solutions (Projects) Ltd


An la carte engineering facility for all your materials handling, storage, distribution and building operations. We design, build, fit-out, equip and finance end to end solutions.

Engineered Solutions are one of the leading UK material handling equipment and storage systems suppliers, designers, fabricators and distributors.

Storage systems and Work space design, production and installation of storage, handling and distribution systems for warehouses, shops, offices, factories, archives and records storage and management.

Buildings and Mezzanine floors for all types of work space.

Handling, conveying, lifting and storage equipment and attachments.

Workshop, Workplace Facilities and Equipment Design and supply for commercial kitchens, catering, workshops, locker/changing rooms.

General steel work and architectural metal work, pressings and fabrications  aluminium, stainless and mild steel materials and alloys.

Access equipment.

Heavy duty handling and lifting equipment for fork trucks, dockside and heavy duty industrial use and applications for and including cranes and container handling devices.

Engineered Solutions (Projects) Ltd Overview