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  1. New industrial storage facility to plan? No need to think, we will do that for you!
    29 January 2016

    When your business expands you might require a new industrial storage facility, or just redesign an already existing one to optimise the workspace. This lengthy and challenging process does not always go as planned: you would have to call up one company to look at your premises and design the storage itself, then another one to get the actual workplace system – and you will be the one trying to put it all together. This is not a problem anymore- Engineered Solutions and Bott provide full industrial storage solutions: from a free visit to your site to the final installation of the workshop equipment (available on request). There will simply be nothing left to worry about!

    It is a known fact that company’s growth and profitability is dependent upon how comfortable your employees feel in their working environment. Smart and better-planned workspaces ultimately lead to more efficient and effective working. That is where we step in, with a plan of an optimised and improved workplace system to tailor to your situation.

    The most important factor to consider when designing a storage space is the quality. Industrial storage solutions are not a shoe rack, it has to be durable and safe to use in the long run.

    So you may be asking yourself, where can I buy made to measure industrial storage solutions?

    That’s what Engineered Solutions and Bott are focusing on the highest quality, the best materials, and dedicated engineers. To ensure safety all products and equipment undergo a series of meticulous tests before reaching our clients.

    A large variety of different types of cabinets, drawers, workbenches, cases and many other custom built items are available for you to choose from, or alternatively you might prefer a fully customised workspace, designed exclusively to accommodate your requirements and budget.


    All of the equipment and the whole workplace system is supplemented with a ‘Built to Last’ 10-year guarantee, not that you would ever need to use it because we are confident in the safety and the long-term lifespan of our products. ‘Built to Last’ is not only the name of the warranty, it is also the approach Engineered Solutions and Bott use in everything we design and manufacture. From an empty site to the installation of finished equipment we maintain the optimal efficiency, whilst being flexible about your needs and requirements. Flexibility is the key in the lengthy process of designing a storage facility. Which is why we offer 2D and 3D visualisations that provide a clear idea of the finished and optimised workspace, which you can modify and alter in any way you might prefer.

    If you are wishing to ease your life and looking for a full industrial storage solution, please read more info here or call us on 01661 853 198 to discuss your requirements and book a free visit.

    New industrial storage facility to plan? No need to think, we will do that for you!

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