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An la carte engineering facility for all your materials handling, storage, distribution and building operations. We design, build, fit-out, equip and finance end to end solutions.

Engineered Solutions are one of the leading UK material handling equipment and storage systems suppliers, designers, fabricators and distributors.

Storage systems and Work space design, production and installation of storage, handling and distribution systems for warehouses, shops, offices, factories, archives and records storage and management.

Buildings and Mezzanine floors for all types of work space.

Handling, conveying, lifting and storage equipment and attachments.

Workshop, Workplace Facilities and Equipment Design and supply for commercial kitchens, catering, workshops, locker/changing rooms.

General steel work and architectural metal work, pressings and fabrications  aluminium, stainless and mild steel materials and alloys.

Access equipment.

Heavy duty handling and lifting equipment for fork trucks, dockside and heavy duty industrial use and applications for and including cranes and container handling devices.

Safety & Cleaning

Safety equipment

Cover the safety of both your employees and your equipment with our range of products.

Health and safety signs

We can make items to order if something you need is not listed, just give us a call on 01661853198, we also have an extensive range ready to order here online.

Industrial cleaning equipment

Large range of industrial cleaning equipment to make the task easy and quick. There is also a full range of supporting equipment including hoses and industrial cleaning for floors and pressure wash systems.

Safety & Cleaning

Workbenches & Workstations

Welding benches

Engineered Solutions can offer a range of welding benches such as the welding work bench with half fire brick and the other half with a steel top or the welding work bench with half steel and half slatted top. They come flat packed; easy to export, easy set up.

Budget workbenches

Engineered Solutions can offer a range of budget workbenches these include height adjustable workbenches and budget drawer units. These budget workbenches can be used both at home and for industrial applications, offering you amazing value for money.

Height adjustable workbenches

Infinitely adjustable height workbenches help soothe away the aches and pains of work and respond easily and quickly to operational task changes.  We offer a selection of light duty adjustable workbenches, heavy duty height adjustable workbenches and ESD protected workbenches with adjustable height.  Our storage workbenches are also all height adjustable. Alternatively if you do not see what you are looking for, please telephone us and we will manufacture it for you.

Want to smooth away the aches and pains of work, take a look at our range of adjustable height workbenches. Our storage benches are also all height adjustable, if you can’t find what you’re looking for give us a call on 01661853198 and we can manufacture this for you.

Industrial computer workstations

We offer a huge choice of computer workstations in different colours to accommodate any environment, for both deep screen and flat screen monitors.

Customised workbenches

The secrets you need to know so you don't pay the earth for customised workbenches. There are cheap ways to customise workbenches, this is how to do it:


1. First mix and match standard components.


2. Then mix and match standard components from different sources.


3. Try to pick sizes which fit standard steel mill sizes - for less waste.


4. Do as much of the building as you can yourself.


5. Complex work needs layout & design drawings. Specials are not returnable!


6. Place product design in the hands of knowledgeable Engineers.


7. The best advice is from Paul Neal "Red Adair" (June 18, 1915- August 7, 2004) who was a renowned American oil well fire fighter. He said "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur".


If you would like help with this or any other projects, please telephone our project engineer on 01661 853198

D.I.Y Workbenches

DIY Workbenches – Why not build your own tough workbench?! Imagineer it! No welding, strong galvanised slotted angle, bolted construction makes anything. For example you could make workstations, workbenches, trolleys or shelving.  These DIY workbenches are the perfect solution for the DIY enthusiast.

How to make workbenches: Apply a value to the four uprights, e.g. 845mm to 915mm for a height and do the same for all the other lengths and widths etc. Add them up and work out cut lengths from the angle pack lengths and quantities. Nuts, bolts and stiffeners are sold in handy pack sizes.

For Extra Strength: Join the slotted 1.8mm thick angles together to form 3.6mm double strength load bearers for extra strong workbenches.

For a Professional Finish: Use the slots to fix timber, plastic, plywood or chipboard sides to produce workbenches for trade counters or serving hatches, simply add hinges to turn them into cupboards. The surfaces accept backing materials or paint for a real DIY designer job.

Tip: The angle packs make much more than workbenches. Construct partitioning, racks, hanging rails and much more. Some of the more unusual customer creations include pet enclosures, potting benches, compost heaps, log and wine racks and BBQ Stands!

Workshop work benches

Ergonomic workshop workbenches and work stations angled for comfort. No job goes unmissed with our added feature of whiteboard noticeboards.

ESD Workbenches

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) workbenches are for use in the electronics industry, here at Engineered Solutions all the ESD workbenches we offer comply with EN61340-5-1 Standards.  With their ESD protection they provide a safe working place when working in the electronics industry as they prevent high voltages building up.

Engineer’s workbench

These heavy duty engineers workbenches, manufactured in the U.K with a 5 year warranty, delivered ready to use. These engineering workbenches are ideal for garages, mechanical workshops, mechanics, agricultural engineers and many more, any questions just ask.

Industrial Work Bench

These industrial workbenches are available with a choice of MDF, vinyl or steel top in a range of widths, sizes and many accessories offered at Engineered Solutions so that you can customise your workbench to suit your individual particular requirements.

Heavy duty workbenches

We offer you a choice of chipboard or wipe down melamine work surface. You also get to choose if you want a under self for work gear or finished goods for dispatch, pack and sort operations.  These personalised workbenches offer great value for money.

Tip: One of our customers used these workbenches back to back and fastened a plastic electrical conduit between the two workbenches. Our tie plates held the two heavy duty workbenches safely together and they had plug in electric tool facilities that morning for a power tool work centre!

Mailroom furniture

High quality mailroom sorting benches designed for use in the office, central mail and internal post systems.  Round edged worktop for safety, with a durable scratch resistant wipe clean surface.

Mobile work benches

Engineered Solutions offer you two personalised build options.  You choose from a fabricated mobile ready to use portable workbench with a choice of 4 different build designs or a low cost self-assembly mobile workbench.

Save time and money by being on task and on hand whilst leaving you work space totally flexible.  From the lowest budget to the most demanding supporting role, this selection of mobile workbenches has all the key features you need to do the job.

Storage workbenches

The storage workbench is U.K. manufactured and arrives fully assembled. These multi storage workbenches offer storage facilities for laboratories and workplaces.  We offer you many options in draw numbers, width, depth and height, choose your perfect sized bench here!

Workbenches with draws

Engineered Solutions offers industrial grade 30mm thick work surfaces, mild chemical resistant, super tough coated veneers and laminates.  

Packing benches

Get and stay organised with this great value range of quality packing benches. In this packing bench range we also offer packing bench trolleys and packing bench carton stands.

If you require any packing accessories, such as paper, bubble wrap, knives etc why not take a look at our range of packing accessories.

Stainless steel workbenches

Special requirement? We can make these benches to your order or you can pick one from the range we offer. Top quality benches, no dirt traps, hygienic, bacteria free and easy to clean.  Perfect for restaurants, canteens, hospitals, pubs and industrial applications where hygiene is essential.

Workbench Stations

Need cheap storage space, work bench stations are your answer. Ergonomic designed workbench’s make the assembly, wrapping and packing process quick and easy. The metal work benches have durable work tops in a choice of chipboard or wipe down melamine surfaces. They are suitable as industrial workbenches and for commercial applications.  The industrial workstations have the added benefit of tool holders, file holders and dry wipe magnetic boards.

Wooden workbenches

Manufactured in the UK, flexible, easily organised and easy to maintain.  Wooden workbenches are gentle with work and are suitable for school classrooms, garages and joiners or carpentry shops, so adaptable making them the craftsmen choice.  Wooden workbenches have no welding, no painting and therefore no hassle so customise your own wooden workbench today!

Design your own wooden workbench by using the basic flat-topped workbench, with the choice of three work surface options, plywood, vinyl or hardwood and any combination of the accessories. If you require help with your workbench selection please contact us.

Workbenches & Workstations

Trucks & Trolleys


If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, we will design and build to your application, just call today.

A truck by definition is usually fitted with wheels as opposed to castors and generally, as distinctive from a barrow, has four wheels. The more usual association is with loads which cannot be handled readily on two wheels due to weight or volume.  They are easy to arrange for towing and, with selective wheel choice, work on rough yard conditions better than smaller wheeled items with lower cost of ownership tags. The exception of course is the pallet truck which is specific for palletised goods as opposed to loose goods. A useful addition to delivery equipment, the barrow enjoys a strong relationship with mechanised equipment from garden tractors to forklift trucks including heavy industrial towing units and can be built to handle loads from 100 kgs. to 100 tonnes. A few of the more common applications for industrial tasks are featured above


We have provide a great selection for you to choose from to purchase today. However if you require customised trolleys, tailor made to your task, to handle anything from garments, loose stock, individual components or combinations we can easily adapt standard trolley designs or alternatively manufacture something application specific.

Our equipment more than meets the minimum criteria and there are a range of industrial castors which can be interchanged to suit any application where you have specific conditions with which to deal.

Trolleys provide the ability to order pick, organise, transport, segregate or quarantine a product during any given process in the supply chain from raw materials through manufacturing, assembly and final delivery. They provide a stable platform with a range of flexible access systems, wheel control and steering facilities and there is linkable steering to allow towing for several units at a time. 

Dolly trolleys

Missing a link between packing and shipping? Any operation that is engaged with loading stock into smaller containers weighing up to 20 kgs, which can then be nested or stacked one upon the other, at some stage is going to require moving. 

Palletised bases are an obvious choice for bulk, but these are not always convenient for complex delivery drops or work in progress sortation operations. Another key application are ingredients which may be bench prepared and then required to be sent off to another location for onward work.

Dolly trolleys to take single stacks of the type of work eluded to above allow smaller aisle widths and far denser storage. The dolly trolley base is frequently fitted with suitable castors to allow for heavy loads, braking, tricky environments like textiles where there is snagging debris that would otherwise choke the wheels and stop them from rotating. Armed with an appropriate base on appropriate castors, the dolly trolley turns into a very productive bulk movement system allowing for completely safe transportation for up to 4 stacks at a time. Additionally these bases can and are frequently manufactured by us to interchange with forklifts or other mechanical handling devices for faster bulk transfer in larger volumes or by different equipment to further speed up loading and handling

Bogie trucks & Trolleys

The term 'bogie' relates largely to the wheeling arrangement. There is a strong association to track guided systems such as railway lines for the moving of ultra-heavy loads but bogie trucks and trolleys have a useful role to play in the workplace.

They have a reputation for extreme durability and are a good choice for working in heavy engineering environments where perhaps it is not desirable to operate other floor based equipment such as forklift trucks or pallet trucks.

The bogie is by definition a set of wheels which will work independently of the load they are carrying to guide it on a fixed location such as the railway line example.  However by arranging axles and castors in certain configurations, the reverse principle allows very tight steering or manipulation of heavy loads frequently in constrained environments, i.e. narrow aisles.  They also have a place in site applications for moving heavy pipes, pianos, carpets and stage scenery with agility not available by other means. They can also get to locations where heavier equipment would be unable to operate.

Wheelbarrow and barrows

Our wheelbarrows are still made here in the U.K, we will manufacture special wheelbarrow bodies and construct them around your application give us a call today to discuss. Most of the wheelbarrows are aimed at a horticultural environment but they work well in industry too. 

Wheelbarrows are about balance, the water swing wheelbarrow is a great example of balance. If you have temporary grazing in waterless locations or building work (cement) the water swing wheelbarrow will do a great job. 

The two wheeled wheelbarrow has a substantial platform which doubles as a good working surface when you are out and about.

Trucks & Trolleys

Furniture & Interiors

Office screens

Engineered Solutions can offer a range of office screens providing privacy with ease, removing the need to completely renovate your space. From minimal desk screens to solid or grid view panels, we have something to meet your needs and come in a range of colours.

Literature display systems

Do you display leaflets in your office? End up leaving them in piles on tables? Why not take a look at our foyer and brochure stands. Able to hold either 6 or 12 A4 sheets, neatly and clearly displaying your leaflets fir your customers.

The Foyer stand is supplied flat and is easily assembled in minutes without the need for tools.

Office storage systems

Do you have trouble finding your documents, the filling system you use can have a huge impact on time wasted and ease of finding documents you need.

Our Drawing Hangers have a capacity of 100 sheets, and feature a powerful clamp hinge. They give the ability of being able to flip through the contents of the file like a book without the need to open the hanger making them ideal for quickly accessing documents.

The hangers are available in a choice of 2 sizes and come with an optional carry handle.

Rope and belt barriers

Need to control crowds? Take a look at our rope and belt barriers.

Made from high quality polished stainless steel it will look stylish whilst being very functional.  We offer a choice of rope and belt barriers in red, blue or black.

The retractable belt is made from durable nylon with each post being able to connect three ways and is 2m long, whereas the rope barrier is 1500mm long.


No room for additional seating? Solve this problem by using Stabil folding chairs. Able to fold flat when not needed, these chairs are compact and easy to store.

Comfort in the office is often overlooked, yet is essential to an efficient happy workforce. Our Executive Super Office Chair with padded arms is a high back leather executive chair designed for comfort.

Desks and tables

Do you need modern furniture to project your professional image?

Our spacious conference table is available in three different finishes – Oak, Maple or Beech ensuring a match to almost any other office furniture. Featuring a cruciform leg it is available in two different width options of 1000mm or 1200mm and is certain to impress clients and employees alike.

Entrance matting

Available in a variety of sizes our entrance matting is a useful addition to any building. Easy to clean, the cross ribbed surface will scrape dirt from shoes saving your flooring.

Notice boards and showcases

It is often not possible to paint entire rooms and walls to freshen up an office, due to cost, time limitations and disruption to work.

Improve your plain walls with a splash of colour using our notice boards and showcase cabinets while creating a useful surface to store work

Cloakroom and locker room furniture

Perfect for locker room or changing areas, our range features seating areas with space for hangers above and more. With a variety of colours sizes and frames to choose from, we have something for any need.

Bookcases and Storage cupboards

Engineered Solutions has a wide range of Bookcases and Storage Cupboards in different colours and sizes to meet your business needs.

Pedestals/ filling cabinets

An office staple, these filing cabinets are an essential piece of office furniture for your business. Featuring an anti-tilt mechanism to prevent more than one drawer being opened at a time.

Reception furniture

Our professional reception units come with a complete 10 year guarantee. Combine rectangular and radius base units complemented with counter tops, shelves and other accessories to create smart your own reception space.

To ensure the correct components are ordered, including cut back legs in the correct positions, and tops suitably drilled for top boxes, a drawing of the required arrangement must be provided with the order. Please telephone us to discuss 01661 853198

Flip Charts

An office essential, our magnetic flip chart easels are totally height adjustable and feature a magnetic dry wipe writing surface. The backboard will tilt to any angle making it a versatile piece of equipment.

The flip chart easel features a useful integral hinged pen shelf for storing pens and the board is A1 sized. 

Furniture & Interiors

Shelving & Racking


At Engineered Solutions we provide kits, designs and pre-selected containers, picking equipment, as well as labeling to provide a complete system where and whenever you require it.  

Whether it is a simple bay of shelving for the office, a two tier space saving shelving system for the warehouse, shelving for your mezzanine floor or combined shelving systems with drawers, here at Engineered Solutions we not only provide you with top quality equipment but a full design service as well. This can range from mobile bases, cupboards or special constructions for schools, colleges, hospitals, surgeries or general industrial facilities.

If you have project work for libraries, universities, producing standardisation within retail storage or general warehousing you may wish to take advantage of our special projects section. We provide you with personalised service offering you design and layout options. Offering you a wider choice of equipment which includes a huge variety of worktops and shelving products in steel as well as other materials to suit all your applications.


Do you want the most cost effective layout for your racking system, we offer free surveys visit our projects site at

In addition to the personalised service we offer a wide range of pre-priced buy online sets of racking products for racking off pallets, cables, long awkward lengths, tyres and garments. The different types of racking include pallet racking, galvanised pallet racking, bar racking, cantilever racking, garment racking, reel racking, tyre racking and vertical storage racking. Not holding what you need? Give Engineered Solutions a call today.  


Shelving & Racking

Packing & Shipping

Packing Accessories

Engineered Solutions provides a complete range of safety cutters and knives to ensure you have the right tools for the job at hand.

Steel Strapping Systems

Engineered Solutions offers a wide range of tools to help you with your steel strapping needs. From snap on seals to sealers and shears, we have everything you need to get the job done.

Shrink Wrap

In this category you will find shrink wrap (polyethylene sheeting), shrink wrap machines and heat shrink gun.

Strapping Machines

Machine is supplied set for and fitted with 12mm strapping but is adjustable for strap width from 6mm to 15.5mm and can operate at up to 24 cycles per minute

Easily operated controls including manual tension adjustment
On adjustable legs with braked castors that can give a table height from 760mm to 930mm

Carton Shredders

Need a cost effective solution to utilise your waste cardboard and corrugated cardboard? Try our carton shredders

Polypropylene Strapping

Engineered Solutions offers a wide range of tools to help with your Polypropylene strapping needs. From snap on seals to sealers and shears, we have everything you need to get the job done.


Packing & Shipping

Industrial Equipment


At Engineered Solutions, we ensure we have something to meet the needs of every business no matter which industry you operate in. From our overhead lifting cranes and mezzanine lifts perfect for a factory environment, to container handling and fork attachments for your industrial environment or shipping demands.

Cylinder Handling

Ensure your safety at all times when transporting gas cylinders with our range of cylinder handlers offering something for everyone. From our small gas cylinder truck to our mobile cylinder storage cage we can provide the solution for you.

Bulk Bags

In this category you will find monstabag base emptying bag.

Industrial Weighing

We offer a vast range of industrial weighing scales, from workbench packing weigh scales to floor scales, suspended scales and beam scales. We also supply wheelie bin weighing scales.

Wheels & Castors

Whether you’re looking for manoeuvrability or stability, we have wheels to meet your materials handling needs. From Heavy duty fixed wheels to our heavy duty swivel wheels,  all available in a range of capacities and sizes we’re sure we have what you’re looking for. 

Lift Tables

The right equipment for the task at hand is of paramount importance to you, therefore our range of lift tables ensures you get what you need. From heavy duty static or self-levelling lift tables to lightweight and mobile lift tables with everything in between, we’re sure we will have what you’re looking for.

Skates and load movers

With a range of capacities, these skates and load movers can save you a tremendous amount of time and energy in your work place, leading to a more productive and most importantly a safer working environment. From our roller pinch bar to our hydraulic large load mover, we have something for any materials handling need.

Drum Handling

Our drum handling section includes drum storage, drum handling trucks and trolleys and drum lifting.


This is a one stop material handling equipment shop for conveyors of all types.  You can buy a conveyor for moving rubble or parcels, handling food or packing and assembly operations. More importantly you can also buy everything else you need for your material handling equipment at the same time, acquiring a full system if you wish, giving you the edge in efficiency and productivity. Not all conveyors are easy to buy on line so please tell us about your conveyor requirement and we will guide you through your project.

Conveyor equipment, quite apart from being a large and very diverse industry in its own right, owes its success to the fact that the conveyor is the single, most productive bulk handling facility devised by mankind. Without the conveyor you would be paying at least 100 times more for your purchases, such are the costs eliminated by the conveyor. There are many conveyor formats, most of which we handle but far too many to list here.  Not all the conveyor types are buy online items but this is our opportunity to introduce the conveyor to you as the single most important material handling equipment item to save your legs, wheel barrows and forklift from repetitive strain injury! The conveyor is the work slave you need to assemble, pack and ship all repetitive tasks between or through processes. Gravity or roller conveyor is the obvious on line item to buy and we have made it really easy for you but please telephone us to discuss all your other material handling equipment requirements.  We offer free site surveys and 3 D drawings to accompany your quotation.

Steps and Ladders

All the steps and ladders in our material handling equipment range can be conveniently bought on line and delivered to you. We offer both standard and special designs for any task you have in mind. 

We specialise in industrial and commercial applications with a fully supported design and engineering facility to ensure you are always in knowledgeable, safe hands.

Steps must meet international and U.K. standards.  The cheaper the steps the less likely they are to be a suitable choice for commercial or industrial environments. You will not find cheap material handling equipment here at Engineered Solutions.

Make sure you choose your specific steps for your specific task. Fibre glass industrial steps for example do not conduct electricity.  Aluminium Platform steps have platforms for both tools as well as to stand on - never stand on a platform and hold on with your knees! Look for one with handrails like the warehouse safety steps. Finally always have at least three extremities in touch with your ladders in use and use the accessories for tools, extra stability platforms and safe multi tasking.   If you do not see what you are looking for here, please contact us.

Are Your Warehouse Steps Certified to EN-131?

There has been a change in the EN131 standard form from 1st September 2013 by the introduction of part 7.  EN131-7 has effectively incorporated the criteria of BGI637 standard into its scope.   Manufacturers have previously been able to say that there is no British Standard for warehouse steps but with this introduction, this is no longer true.  We are able to offer a vast range of U.K. manufactured steps which will be certified to this new standard.

As we are the only U.K. manufacturer of Safety Steps which are acrredited to the European GS standard, elements of these relevant standards are already incorporated into our designs and test criteria for all of our U.K. manufactured steps.  This is so we can ensure that the necessary levels of product strength, durability and stability are achieved.  Our manufacturing processes all take place under controlled conditions conforming to ISO:9001 ensuring product conformity is verified.

Forklift attachments

Save huge sums of money by turning your forklift truck into a multi-tasking tool box removing the need for you to buy other specialist material handling equipment and supporting structures. With a few simple, safe procedures you can triple the contribution a forklift truck makes with forklift attachments. We can also design and build fork truck equipment and hydraulic forklift attachments to your specific order.

For example, spreader beams are replaced with 4 fork forklift attachments for greater load stability for wide or long loads. Brick grabs easily adapt to become forklift attachments.  Carpet poles and coil handling booms make storage and stock retrieval a simple task. Effectively forklift attachments become cranes, jibs, access platforms, skips, long reach facilities and even snow ploughs and floor sweepers.

Hand forklifts

Our material handling equipment handles loads up to 1.5 tonnes, can reach heights over 5 metres and build tools and accessories to turn your hand forklift into a real tool box for your business.  No operator licences are needed.  Use them instead of lifts for mezzanine floor feeding (they are 5 times quicker, quarter the price and take 4 times the load).  

The hand forklift is a pedestrian controlled lifting device which not only handles pallets but also performs a range of lifting jobs to feed machinery and processes.  It also has the possibility of adaptation to specific material handling equipment jobs. For example we can fit the forklift with devices to push and pull heavy tools, handle heavy reels and manipulate, pour as well as rack off pallets. The hand forklift requires no special skills to operate and therefore does not require a licence so anyone can use it (with proper instruction). 

Above all the hand forklift is very affordable and is a complete tool set and perfect for van and lorry loading jobs as well as speeding up many other work place tasks.



Industrial Equipment

Storage Systems

Bike racks

Whether you’re looking for something aesthetically pleasing, something efficient or something a little different, we have the bike rack to meet your business needs.

For a unique and upbeat feel for your outside space take a look at our novelty bike racks. Perfect for children and adults alike, they are available in six designs including a rocket, squirrel and a dolphin.

With cycling becoming more popular the provision of bike racks is essential not only for existing cyclists but as a way to encourage others to try it for themselves.

Stillages & Pallets

Stillages are just big collection bins, often made in steel and closely associated with factory or assembly work. Stillages always take up floor space so that is why here at Engineeered Solutions we make them stackable, foldable stillages and nesting stillages as well as a range of other options.

Fold down gates are frequently specified on stillages for access.  We make them demountable because stillages that flat pack are cheaper to ship back for reloading.

Want to save in fuel costs? Mesh sided stillages are lighter as are plastic stillages saving you thousands of pounds in fuel costs.

For work in progress we make wheeled stillages which still stack or half semi wheeled with a towing bar, known as tug lift stillages. Possibilities are only limited only by your own imagination. Stillages are good work horses and are designed with modern material handling equipment in mind including cranes as well as hand forklifts.

Really useful box bays

No matter what industry you work in, every office and workspace needs small parts storage. The Really Useful Box range provide a cost effective and versatile storage options, in a choice of three colours, clear, red or blue.

Easy assembly, no bolts or nuts required, finished in a hard wearing powder coated finish.

The Really Useful Box Bay is available two size options providing space for either six or nine boxes

Box and Tray storage units

We offer a great range of solutions for tray and box storage units here at Engineered Solutions. Keeping on top of classroom organization or keeping your nursery running smoothly is easy with Engineered solutions range of storage units.

Here is a rundown of our top five must haves.

Traditional style classroom trays are a simple and space efficient way of giving students their own space within a classroom. We offer tray units ranging from 8 to 32 trays so whatever your size needs we have something to fit. For more options see our range of classroom trays.

For larger items such as toys, games and learning equipment storage box trays are a perfect solution. The unit can be purchased with or without boxes and with a variety of colour options available labelling, and assigning boxes is easy. We offer a range of box storage units which will hold between 2 and 8 boxes.

Pen and pencil storage can be a pain but our clever storage solutions means that a large amount of stationary can be easily stored and made accessible without creating mess. This is a great idea for art areas and storage for art equipment in larger art rooms. 

Our folding boxes are ideal for carrying anything from workbooks, to art supplies and papers. When not in use they fold flat for easy storage and so are perfect for space limited rooms.

Small parts boxes are a good budget solutions to storing small parts toys, games and equipment. They come in packs of 50 and are flat packed for easy storage, they are a strong, cheap and classroom friendly storage solutions. See our range of cardboard classroom storage.


Lockers are a key part of most institutional operations and workplaces. Once lockers were only really associated with clothing for changing rooms for sport or work wear but today we have a whole array of lockers covering the demands of the modern world in which we live.

Our skilled steel cabinet makers are hard at work making mobile phone lockers, crash helmet lockers, lockers for Personal Protective Equipment, post lockers, plastic lockers as a safer option for nursery schools so those little tumbles are not as painful as contact with the tough steel lockers.

We provide security lockers, stainless lockers and if that doesn't meet your needs we will build exactly the locker you want. Choose from a basic selection of over 21 lockers, from secure laptops lockers or lockers to dry your raincoat in on a rainy day, or just somewhere to leave your shoes.

Lockers of all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. If you have an area designated for lockers and would like help with choosing your lockers or your lockers layout, let us know and our engineers will help you design the solution for your specific requirement.

Lever arch file storage

Need to tidy up your office or storage area? Lever arch storage solutions are a simple and cost effective way of doing this.

Steel Cabinets & Cupboards

The best stock controller for important components and work materials are steel cabinets and cupboards. Providing a variety of facilities they retain liquid spills, contain a variety of materials and equipment in a controlled environment and above all provide security and accountability.

We have picked our most popular steel cabinets and cupboards and set them our conveniently for you to gauge exactly what you want in terms of price and performance and then buy them on line.

Cardboard bin storage trays

Available in a choice of three colours, this cardboard bin storage bay will fit into any work space, with boltless assembly and featured chipboard shelves.

Louvre Panel Bin Kits and Trolleys

In this section you will find louvre panels, wall mounted bin bays, louvre panel trolleys and more

Bin racks and trolleys

In this section you will find wall bin racks, benchtop bin stands, bin trolleys and more.

Boxes and containers

Storage boxes from our storage systems range and the containerisation of your work is probably the most cost effective and profitable advantage with which your business can lead.  We have selected the most popular range of storage boxes for you covering a range of materials and prices so you can tie up a recoverable cost to the job in hand. The less you pay the less time it will last, but as a guide high quality plastics and steels last the longest, more than 10 years is not uncommon even in harsh environments. With budget plastics, they fatigue over time and the more stress placed on them, the sooner they deteriorate. So with louvred panels and metal parts choose good quality materials to be rewarded with low ownership costs. 

Archive storage

We have a range of archive storage systems to meet your business needs. Try our medium duty low level archive storage bay, ideal for storing files while keeping them easily accessible. Available in a choice of two sizes holding either nine or twelve boxes and with a choice of three different frame colours this unit is certain to match your storage needs.

All the archive storage bays come complete with the boxes which are available in either brown or white.

Small parts storage

Suitable for storing small parts our Compartment Storage Boxes are ideal for workshops. Featuring combinations of small drawers and large drawers you are able to store a variety of items, making them easy to find.

The drawer units are manufactured from high quality impact proof polypropylene for safety and most are supplied with 4 locating holes on the back to attach to the wall

Storage Systems

Buildings & Fit Outs

Stainless steel equipment

At Engineered Solutions we manufacture trolleys, workbenches, cupboards, storage units and shelving in stainless steel. This includes our range of dolly trolleys and preparation tables which will work in food processing industries along with items such as stainless steel pallet trucks to move, store, handle and work on product. Stainless steel comes in a number of different grades, the lower grades provide a cleanable, wipe down and sterile facility. Provided the steel does not come into contact with other mild steel metal products it will retain its anti-corrosion properties and not rust and contaminate the process.  Where this could be conceived as a risk, we will manufacture all our trolleys, workbenches, cupboards and shelving from higher grade materials to comply with the environmental work place legislation. This includes medical and pharmaceutical.

Looking to save money? We can manufacture in combinations where we can use materials such as nylon to enable us to keep critical surfaces like worktops at the optimum grade of stainless steel, but manufacture the lower supporting structures.

Cycle shelters

In this section you will find wall mounted cycle shelters, bike shelters with galvanised panels, lockable bike shelters and more.


Industrial and commercial doors for all applications available to purchase on line.  However if you would prefer that one of our engineers visited site to measure up for your particular application, please contact us.

Our range of security and fast action industrial doors are the perfect solution for all access requirements of industrial warehouses, commercial premises and factory applications. There will definitely be an affordable solution here for you so send in your requirements or ask for a free survey.

The main benefits of industrial doors are their ability to protect specific areas from dust, fire, temperature variation and uncomfortable drafts. Industrial doors also act as traffic controllers and speed up processes by allowing traffic to move quickly between tasks whilst de-marking strategic areas of the business. Industrial doors and buildings are key to good organisation for material handling and site safety. Industrial doors include 9 themes here, either on their own or as part of your building or site plans. Well engineered industrial doors offer a low cost of ownership. All our industrial doors are selected for their outstanding value, service and reliability.

Loading bay

Our loading bay equipment is generally made to order but there are some standard aspects for raised docks and shelters, bumpers, chocks wheel guides and accessories. Our unique pantographic supporting steelwork lets us produce retractable loading facilities that will rotate round to allow a vehicle to dock at an angle to the building to free up yard space or dock even when a direct 90 degree approach is impossible. Just one of the many creative solutions to loading bay issues. Please contact us for a free survey or free design help with your application.

Loading bay installations require 3 key ingredients.

A level approach.
Raised docks for roll-on roll-off traffic, loading bay operations need to be at the correct height.
A door and this is an area of expertise in which we particularly excel.  We can build any sort of door you need.

If you don't have this sort of loading bay facility then our yard ramps may be the answer. Our shelters and tunnels protect product during loading bay operations where they are at ground level and the canopies or curtains can be made to skirt down to meet the ground to provide a protected work area. 

See also industrial tents, these are often used to completely cover yard space for loading bay operations.  We can help you with all your material handling equipment requirements so if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us, we are here to help you.

Industrial tents

The answer to industrial building investment - a warehouse which retracts, closes and relocates anywhere, yard or new site, take it with you! A full tensile structural fabric all weather industrial tent warehouse. 

Applications include but not limited to: - swimming pool enclosures, outdoor retail garden centres for year round all weather trading, restaurants and wedding venues, industrial warehouses and workshops, construction sites, docks, harbours, airports, military, medical field hospitals, sports halls, schools, colleges and aircraft hangars, horse arenas and events - limited only by your own imagination.  Fits all applications, all climates, minimal ground works.  Guarantee:   Steel - 10 Years.  Covers - 6 Years.

What is an industrial tent warehouses? It provides you with a low cost storage systems which are re-locatable without loss of value to the asset. The basic concept of an industrial tent is a free standing independent structure to which a flexible flame retardant PVC based skin is fixed and tensioned. Industrial tent warehouses, due to the construction, apply very little loading onto the ground, so they don't require expensive foundations. Unlike modern steel framed buildings industrial tents can be fixed with ground anchors and ratchet straps for rapid deployment.  Our special range of Industrial tents can be manufactured to retract. They can structurally perform a range of functions from 'lean to' to small aircraft hangars and examples of these industrial tents are shown in our extensive gallery. You will see industrial tents being used to provide under cover storage space between buildings and to provide sports halls. Our industrial tents are not limited to industry, they work well anywhere.

Smoking shelters

Our smoking shelters range can all be bought on line, just choose the product that is right for you and follow it through to checkout. 

Recent legislation throughout the U.K. banning smoking in public places including the workplace has resulted in employers adopting new codes of practice to accommodate smokers.  These shelters enable employers and establishments to create a designated smoking area away from main entrances and exits.  We offer our smoking shelters as either wall mounted or freestanding shelters in a choice of colours.  We can also offer an installation service for all these smoking shelters

Partitioning and Ceilings

Steel portioning, mesh partitioning, factory dividers, stainless steel, glass partitioning, partitioning with glazing and standard plasterboard drywall partitioning.

Our site engineers will help you design the most appropriate partition for your application.  In order to cost your partitioning work correctly, a bill of materials will have to be drawn up based on your requirement, e.g. type of application, i.e. office or industrial, whether it is on a mezzanine floor or at ground level, security requirements for your partitioning, types of doors, ceiling requirements, fire rating and facilitation all have a bearing on construction.

Mezzineine floor

Everything you need to know about a Mezzanine Floor, all the different construction techniques, how to save money on foundations and what you need to know to get through building and fire regulations is here, some essential pointers to ensure that you save money and build a harmonised mezzanine floor instillation.  

One good tip is to consider how you want to move goods on and off the mezzanine flooring. Your own fork truck or one of our hand fork lifts is by far the cheapest and fastest solution.

Mezzanine floor applications are a great way to create cheap people space, so sales rooms are a great mezzanine floor application. Workshops also go well on a mezzanine floor. Retail space for restaurants can easily and quickly be created on a mezzanine floor to unlock extra earning from the same space.  We can also provide mezzanine floor structures for outside terrace applications. The main application for the mezzanine floor is for storage systems in factories and warehouses as well as back of shop for commercial mezzanine floor applications. We have also provided mezzanine floor installations into lock up hire storage space and as archive storage systems, all great ways to create low cost work space. Let us know how we can help you with your mezzanine floor project and we will be pleased to come and talk to you.  As engineers with over 35 years in the storage systems industry we have much valuable knowledge and advice we would like to share with you to ensure a successful installation.

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