English Veneer Co Ltd


We specialise in;

  • Bespoke Internal Wood Veneered Fire Doors
  • Bespoke Internal Solid Wooden Doors
  • Bespoke External Solid Wooden Doors 
  • Bespoke  Glazed Doors
  • Bespoke UK Large Doors
  • Bespoke UK Custom Made Doors
  • Bespoke Veneer Panelling
  • Bespoke Stained/Painted Timber Doors
  • UK Manufacturer Folding Glazed Doors
  • Bespoke Desks & Tables
  • Oak,  Walnut,  Wenge,  Ebony Exotic Timbers

 English Veneer;

  • Quality products
  • London based
  • 50 years experience
  • Skilled craftsmen 
  • Modern Equipment
  • Unparalleled service
  • Choice circa 300 veneers

English Veneer offer unsurpassed choice in veneers and timber for;

  • doors (including internal fire doors)
  • tables
  • desks
  • panelling
  • furniture

Allied joinery products; 

  • door frames
  • mouldings
  • architraves
  • skirting

working in veneer, laminates and timber, all with certificated fire door ratings as required, we provide a fully aided design service with bespoke creations including large oversize doors as well as standard ranges.

Our complete service includes:

  • cutting
  • lipping
  • machining
  • sanding
  • polishing

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