We have over 100 different plastic materials being held by Ensinger at 6 important locations across the UK.

Their semi finished products are available in the following forms:

  • Rod
  • Sheet
  • Tube forms 
  • Square sections 
  • Hexagonal rods 
  • Blocks 
  • Billets

Plastic Cutting

Using numerically-controlled plastic cutting machines, billets and blocks can be cut at right angles and exactly to the size required.

800mm diameter rods and tubes can be billeted to the customers' specific requirements.

Ensinger are able to produce pieces from a full size sheet which can range from 1/4mm to 200mm in thickness.

Plastic Cutting

Plastic Grinding

Ensinger carry out plastic grinding and can supply rod and tube in ground format to minimum tolerances including:

  • .25mm/.010'' for diameters over 2'' 
  • Within .05mm/.002'' for outside diameters up to 25mm/1'' 
  • .13mm/.005'' for outside diameters up to 50mm/2'' diameter

We can supply custom ground sizes which range from less than 1mm diameter to 100mm, although our standard sizes range from 3mm-75mm in diameter.

Plastic Grinding

Plastic Planing

When plastic planing, we use two different techniques:

  • Parallel planing, which is performed on two sides 
  • Angular planing, which is performed on four sides

When using these, a good surface finish and close tolerances are possible.

Plastic Planing


Whatever the material, our products will be delivered on time. We have a sophisticated operating system where we can plan and deliver you orders more efficiently.

We can distribute the majority of our orders from our stockholding the same day, for delivery next day. We can fulfil individual requirements just as well.


Our Quality Standards

We are a company who are committed to be an investor in people.

We get a better outcome from our highly trained staff.

We offer the highest quality standards.

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