Entecon Industries Ltd


 Entecon are specialist solution providers to the powder handling, conveying and processing industry. Our range includes aero mechanical conveyors, manual and automatic sack openers, mixing and blending equipment, dust extraction, valves, screw conveyors and FIBC and IBC handling across a vast spectrum of industries that include food, chemical, paint, plastics, animal feed and pharmaceutical.

Bulk handling equipment

Entecon can supply and project manage full Turnkey Systems requiring; aero mechanical conveying, mixing, blending, manual & automatic sack opening, dust extraction, valves, screw conveyors and FIBC & IBC handling. We are capable of supplying all types of equipment for the bulk handling industries across all types of industry sectors.

bulk handling spares and repair Surrey


Bulk handling Equipment manufactured by Entecon UK is produced to a high standard, ensuring long working life and minimal maintenance.

All of the equipment supplied by Entecon UK is supported by an experienced after-sales team specialising in worldwide efficient and prompt delivery of spares and servicing

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