Envirogard operates a nationwide hire service providing specialist equipment to contractors throughout mainland U.K. Much of our hire equipment is employed by contractors engaged in environmental clean-up and pollution control.

We operate a hire fleet of mobile trailer units which can easily be relocated and are available for short or long-term hire. Where sites lack basic utility services we can provide ancillary equipment to fulfil the site-services role (water bowsers, supply pumps, portable generators). Alternatively we also have a range of self-contained trailers which carry their own supply of clean-water + integral generator.

All our equipment is portable or transportable (moveable by van or estate-type car), and we can supply shower facilities for periods as short as 3 days.

Showers, Decontamination Facilities, and Welfare Units.

To help contractors comply with their obligations to protect their employees and the general public during work with potentially hazardous materials Envirogard offers an extensive range of showers, decontamination units, and welfare units.

Ventilation, Fume & Dust Control Equipment.

We operate a hire fleet of air-handling equipment - with technical capabilities ranging from simple air-movement and fume removal, through to high efficiency negative-pressure dust-filtration equipment capable of removing particles @ 0.3 micron diameter, & machine capacities from 1,000 - 10,000 CFM.

Specialist Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Equipment.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Attenuation) vacuum cleaners allow collection of settled dust with minimal disturbance and maximum efficacy. We hire specialist HEPA grade vacuums (including H-Type vacuums for the more hazardous dusts) to remove particles as small as 0.3 micron with up to 99.995% efficiency.  Each HEPA Vacuum is supplied with an individual filtration-test certificate.

Decontamination Showers

We operate an extensive hire fleet of decontamination trailers allowing us to cater for the requirements of different industrial users. Water heating is either electric or (most commonly) by an integral room-sealed balanced-flue LPG water heater.

All models have (at least) three compartments which provide separate Dirty, Shower and Clean areas, and are equipped with certified HEPA grade air-filtration to aid containment of hazardous materials. 

A range of sizes is available from our smallest Micro single shower trailer, up to our Maxi Quad shower units.

Some examples of the Decontamination Showers that we offer are:

  • Emergency Drench Shower
  • Modular Decontamination Shower
  • Trailer Decontamination Showers ( Standard and Self-Contained)
  • Mobile Welfare unit
Decontamination Showers

Temporary Site Services

Envirogardoffer a extensive range of temporary site services in the Power, Water, Waste areas that contractors may be required for special projects that need to be implemented.

Examples of the temporary site service products that we offer are:

  • Water Bowsers, Supply Pumps & Filtration
  • Portable Generators  
  • Pumps and pressure Washers
  • Bootwash

You can either collect hire equipment from our depots or we can deliver to your location anywhere in the UK.

Temporary Site Services

Emergency Drench Shower Hire

Emergency drench shower are compact and portable even when filled, their intension is to be used at remote locations where utility or shower facilities are not available. The shower provided approx 100 litres of cold water and operates from a simple lever pull system.

The Shower once filled and pressurised can operate autonomously and does not require a utility connection.

As an added emergency feature is the inclusion of eyewash station as standard which the flow can be adjusted to the preferred volume, the bath operates immediately when the cover is removed.


Emergency Drench Shower Hire

Aircleaning, Dust And Fume Control Equipment

Envirogard hire out specialist equipment like Air cleaning Equipment for capture of very fine airborne dusts and employs a HEPA filter in conjunction with filters to remove airborne particles that can be considered potentially hazardous due to their size. The extracted air is filtered through the system and is discharged out of the equipment as clean air into the environment.

Fans for suppression and capture of nuisance dust and airborne particles capture and contain coarse airborne dust particles, generally these use sock or bag filters to capture the dust. The ducting is flexible which allows for the fan, filter and sock to be placed at some distance from the site.

Fans for ventilation or fume extraction which move air from one location to another, they can either ventilate air in or extract air out or simply just to circulate air. Fans can be used in multiples or standalone.

We also offer flexible ducting compatible with all the equipment for your all in one hassle free requirement.

Aircleaning, Dust And Fume Control Equipment

Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

Vacuum Cleaning Equipment are equipped with HEPA filters like the Type H Vacuum  for capturing fine dust in hazardous cleaning operations like ceramic fibres and asbestos containing materials.

We offer a useful alternative to dry collection of materials whereby a Wet Pickup Vacuum can be used to pickup wet material or even slurries. Available as standard in 110 volt electric version, optionally in compressed air driven version.

You can either collect hire equipment from our depots or we can deliver to your location anywhere in the UK.

Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

Fibre Suppresant Equipment

Enviro-Vac have introduced a new wet injection system which is complaint with the PAS 60-1 to the market, featuring adjustment-free needles, this has superseded the conventional arrangement of manual flow and replaced it with a self regulated needle module. Each needle contains a unique pressure control valve which can deliver a consistent and balanced output.

In conjunction to the needle module we offer, a new surfactant pump-delivery system has also been developed. It is robust and durable features a powerful pump and delivers continuous flow even if the injection needles are elevated many metres above the pump. The pump has a "dwell-time" feature which repeats the cycle of 5 minutes injection followed by 5 minutes of waiting. The control box can be taken to higher levels and can be connected to the pump system by a quick release hose.

Fibre Suppresant Equipment

Test and Monitoring Equipment

A differential pressure monitor is used to measure the degree of negative pressure within an enclosure. The intention is to demonstrate the effectiveness of air extraction from an enclosure, and provide assurance that any leakage of air is inwards - so retaining contaminants / pollutants within the enclosure.

The Concept smoke generator is a portable aerosol smoke generator. It connects to a 110v power supply but once it has reached operating temperature (within approx. 10 mins) it can be disconnected and will continue to generate smoke from the integral aerosol smoke canister for some time.

You can either collect hire equipment from our depots or we can deliver to your location anywhere in the UK.



Test and Monitoring Equipment

Hire Locations

Envirogard has hire locations based throughout the UK and all contact information and addresses can be found on our Hire Location section.

We have hire locations in:

  • Ashford in Kent
  • Barnsley
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Tamworth(midlands)

**We offer a delivery service throughout the U.K.; please enquire for prices, or collect for free from our hire depots.

Hire Locations
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