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Abatement-Exchange.com has the widest collection of thermal oxidisers for sale in the world. 

The website includes the following range of abatement equipment...
• Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO's)
• Catalytic Thermal Oxidisers (CatOx's)
• Recuperative Thermal Oxidisers (Recup's)
• Solvent Recovery Plant
• Bio-Filters
• After Burner
• Concentrator
• Accessories, eg gas boosters, controls, monitoring equipment, etc
to both buyers and sellers make decisions objective and not subjective.

Abatement plant is a significant cost to any business. Increasingly, Clients cannot afford the 'luxury' of specifying new purpose-made abatement. As a result, Clients are searching the used abatement market to reduce costs.

2. Buying and selling Abatement Plant...

The benefits of selling are…

  • Free membership
  • Extensive but targeted market exposure for quicker sale
  • Assistance with valuation
  • No commission - only a nominal listing charge
  • Technical support by phone/email
  • Technical review before listing is made

The benefits of buying are…

  • Free membership
  • Free technical support by phone/email
  • Wider equipment choice
  • Better match reduces running cost
  • No added commission
  • Shorter installation programme
  • Free Abatement Buyers Guide helps you make an informed choice
  • Email alerts when new listings added
2. Buying and selling Abatement Plant...

3. How Abatement-Exchange.com Works

Abatement-Exchange.com provides a hub for members to exchange information with expert technical back-up to maximise the chances of getting the right equipment at a fair price.

Membership and technical support by phone and email is free with the only cost being a nominal charge for listing the equipment for sale.

Abatement-Exchange.com has extensive exposure in the marketplace with extensive advertising in selected trade magazines, search websites, etc.

Joining the club is free and as member, you will have unlimited access to the following benefits...

  • View detailed listings
  • Free technical support by telephone or email
  • Access to our invaluable Abatement Buying Guide
  • Receive email alerts when new equipment is listed 
3. How Abatement-Exchange.com Works

4. Abatement Buyers Guide...

The Abatement Buyers Guide is an invaluable tool in understanding and helping our members to buy the right used abatement plant. It explains the different types of technology, options that should be considered and the importance of running costs.

The Guide can be viewed on-line or downloaded as a PDF file for your convenience - it is available free of charge to members for their own use. If the plant is not a good match to the process requirements, then the installation could have significant running costs for many years out-weighing any initial capital savings.

In addition to the purchase price, the following aspects should be carefully considered:-

  • The abatement technology
  • Range of process airflow loading against plant capacity
  • Solvent type and maximum inlet concentration
  • Permitted emission limit and oxidisation efficiency
  • Energy efficiency of the plant
  • VOC loading and emission limits to be achieved
  • Stack height must satisfy D1 calculations for your site
  • Age and condition of the plant
  • Items included/excluded
  • Location and ease of moving
  • Space required, handing of connections, access, etc.
  • Weight and structural base requirement
  • Availability of services (gas, power, etc.)
  • Plant availability against your programme need
  • Availability of information, e.g. manuals, back-up, spares, etc.

However, before considering the abatement plant itself, the exhaust loading must be closely assessed. Exhaust measurements must be accurate and the dryers should be optimised as effectively as possible.

4. Abatement Buyers Guide...

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