Environmental Water Systems (U K) Ltd.

EWS (UK) Ltd is a water purification, water recovery and process filtration company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of reverseo osmosis, filtration, deionisation, and base exchange water softeners with experience of turnkey projects in a wide range of industries.

EWS (UK) Ltd have this year successfully installed water purification and water resource recovery systems throughout the U.K. Europe, Iran and Eastern Europe.

Recent installations have been in the Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Micro - electronics, Cosmetic/Toiletries, Beverage and Surface Treatment markets.

Quality Statement
EWS (UK) Ltd is committed to the highest standards of quality. This policy is fundamental to the success of the company. EWS (UK) Ltd was awarded ISO 9001 2000 in November 2002

The company seeks at all times to provide the highest quality of service and equipment to its customers at competitive prices through the careful selection of its principals and suppliers.

The success of the company is based on its independence - being able to recommend the most cost effective and appropriate answer to water purification issues, plus the experience and knowledge that all the personnel with EWS (UK) Ltd bring to the business.
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