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We are Enzyme Manufacturers & Enzyme Suppliers. Find a Enzyme manufacturer or Enzyme supplier. Also exporters of wholesale Enzyme.

Our key Industrial areas include Alcohol, Bio fuels, Brewing, Ethanol, Starch, Detergents, Textile and Fruit/Vegetable processing.

Our Amylases/Glucoamylases are amongst the most cost-effective solutions for Starch processing available anywhere With capacity of over 5,000 tonnes/annum, we can meet the needs of the largest International process companies. These products are also key to Bio fuel, Bio ethanol & Bio diesel production.

We supply bio catalysts for:

  • Alcohol, Brewing, Baking and Food Grade Enzymes
  • Cellulase and Hemicellulase Enzymes
  • Enzymes - Animal Feed
  • Enzymes - Medical Diagnostics, Molecular Biology Research
  • Enzymes - Starch, Detergent, Textile
  • Lipase, Protease and Xylanase Enzymes

Food enzymes or Technical enzymes, we can provide anything from a 50 gram laboratory sample up to competitively priced industrial quantities of many tonnes - just try us!

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