Equations Voice and Data Communications


We can design a telephone system for the specific needs of your business and help amplify your organisation over the competition. We understand finding a telephone system delivers the right telecommunications for you is difficult but our expert team are confident we can match your needs with our technical skill.

With regional offices we can deliver exceptional service to the counties of Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall,  Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. We can also serve South Wales, southern and central England.

Digital Phone Systems

Having already established ourselves as an international solution to telecommunications, we made the move into the provision of digital phone systems.

In order to keep up with our expanding clientele and the demand for digital phone systems, we added more offices to ensure we could continually offer a superior service and an ever-growing regional presence.

Digital Phone Systems

Telephone System Maintenance

We can keep your telecommunications safe and secure with our telephone system maintenance service. Accurate and reliable communication is the key to your business and we can help keep everything running smoothly.

We have quick response times thanks to our large spread of offices across the south of England and once you have used us we guarantee a fully supported and maintenance agreement will allow you to rely on us and our comprehensive back-up service. As well as NEC SV8100, NEC SL1100 and SV9100 Telephone Systems, we also offer support on NEC DXE, NEC XN120, NEC Aspire and Nitsuko Telephone Systems. Other brands include Splicecom, Panasonic and whole range of other systems to please ask for how we can help.

Our telephone system maintenance teams can often diagnose faults from our support centre and can give you an instant solution without having to wait for an engineer to reach you.

Telephone System Maintenance

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Leased Lines

 Telephone system specialists. Looking for a supplier that you can count on to get you the right system, to provide unrivalled support your organisation as it grows and always speak to someone that knows of your site? You’re going to enjoy working with us.

Leased Lines

Audio Conferencing

Our conferencing allows you to have spontaneous calls or meetings without leaving the office or losing precious work time. Two, three, four, or more colleagues can talk together, exchange ideas and information or give weekly updates on sales and performance, almost no matter where they are physically located.

Audio Conferencing

Call Managment in Devon

NEC’s MyCalls is a smart system that gives you up-to-the-minute, real-time information about what’s happening on your phones throughout the day. You’ll be able to control and manage call fluctuations, and respond positively to busy periods by adding extra staff.

Call Managment in  Devon

Call Centre Solutions

We work with a number of automatic call distribution (ACD) systems. This is technical talk for a system that allows you to:


• Control call overflow at busy times
• Route calls to free operators
• Give priority to particular customers
• Increase staff productivity
• Route calls based on the number dialled and the time of day
• Offer call-back messages

You’ll actually be able to control a whole range of parameters to ensure that your business is always operating at peak efficiency, no matter how busy your phone lines are.

Call Centre Solutions
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