Equinox International Ltd is a supplier of Stainless Steel , Sheared Strips and Blanks, Stainless Steel Coil Produced Plate  and Sheared and Edge Rolled Flat Bar for customers throughout Europe.

Stainless Steel Plate Processing

Equinox can shear Plate and Flat Bar up to 12mm thick: Plates up to 20 m long x 2 m wide, Sheared Blanks 3 m long up to 12mm thick, Rolled Edge Flat Bars in lengths up to 6 m, widths 20mm to 200mm, Sheared Strip up to 500mm wide, 6 m long, 12mm thick.
For more information on Stainless Steel Plate Processing , please see our website.

Stainless Steel Plate Processing

Stainless Steel Service Centre

Equinox offer the following products : Coil Produced Plate, Rolled Edge Flat Bar, Sheared Strip and Sheared Blanks. We are Europe’s leading independent Stainless Steel Service Centre.

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Stainless Steel Service Centre

Polishing Stainless Steel

Equinox offer Polishing Stainless Steel : Polishing of Rolled Edge Flat Bar, Sheared Strip and Plate.
Customers use this service in a wide variety of applications from architectural to the manufacture of furniture, ships and boats, railway carriages, buses and commercial vehicles.Polished stainless steel is also used for its aesthetic appeal.

We will polish as little or as much of your material as you need, in any size, to your specified finish. Please visit our website and contact us with your requirements.
Polishing Stainless Steel

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