Ergotron (U K) Ltd.

Ergotron, global leader in Flat Panel Mounting and Monitor Arms solutions has more than 20 years of experience in providing ergonomic solutions for computers in the workplace. Our comprehensive range of flat panel monitor arms allows you to mount LCD monitors and peripherals in any location. Ergotron is recognised as an innovative leader in this field by leading manufactures of flat panel monitors. With our HQ in the United States, Ergotron has five subsidiaries in Europe and is represented in 55 countries worldwide. For further information visit our web site

Neo-Flex by Ergotron

The Neo-Flex a low cost monitor arm designed specifically for desking applications is manufactured for the comfort of the computer worker. Sleek in design and finished in a metallic colour, the Neo-Flex adds a considerable amount of flexibility to an LCD monitor, enabling the user to free up desk space or adjust the monitor to the optimised viewing angle.

Mounting a single LCD monitor onto the Neo-Flex the monitor can be adjusted vertically, up-down and side-by-side tilt along with rotating the monitor from or to portrait/landscape format. The recommended retail price of Neo-Flex is £89.00.

For more information visit our web site
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