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Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd produce a variety of Magnetic Separators for use in industries like filtering iron from liquid lines, concentrating ores and recycling industrial and municipal wastes.

Magnetic separators, such as magnetic grates and tubes to permanent overband magnets or suspended electro-magnets are used for removing tramp iron and fine iron from materials so using them in process line will improve product quality and protect your machinery from damage and downtime.

We manufacture many standard permanent magnets but we also design and manufacture bespoke magnetic assemblies to customer requirements. Listening to our customers applications, we work together and using our full scale laboratory we are able to specify the best equipment for the application, whether be rare earth magnetic drums, magnetic grids, eddy current separator or feeding or metal detection equipment. 

Metal Separators

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd can supply essential metal separator equipment which operate at a fraction of the cost of air power metal sorters and can be used for the separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Some of the metal separators we offer:

  • ProSort 2
  • Shred1 Ballistic™ Metal Separator
  • FineSort® Metal Recovery System
  • Eddy current separator
Metal Separators

Eddy Current Separators

Eddy current separators provide for the separation of iron-rich ferrous or non-ferrous metals and aid in the reclamation of fine metal particles, these products provide great solutions in the recycling industry

Eddy current separators and we offer:

Eddy Current Separators

Metal Detectors

Metal Detection and Electronic Metal Separation equipment is an integral part of protecting valuable equipment and improving quality control and eliminating equipment downtime. This is done by detecting the presence of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in conveyed material or products in free-fall or pipelines.

In the case of metal separators, they can then pneumatically ejecting the metal contaminant with minimum loss of good material.

Metal Detectors


Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd offers a standard range of high quality ProGrade™ Rare Earth Magnets at exceptionally low prices. ProGrade Hand Held Metal Detectors and Pneumatic Vibrators are also available.

To see a list of Prograde items available please click here.



Vibratory equipment is used for controlled feeding of dry bulk materials, screening dry and wet products, separating solids from liquids, conveying large tonnages of bulk materials, and for vibrating bins and hoppers.

Vibration equipment we offer:

  • Bin Vibrators
  • Vibratory Feeders
  •  Precipitator Rapper
  • ProGrade™ 2614 Pneumatic Vibrator
  • Vibratory Table
  • Wet Sifting Machines


Superconducting magnets

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd offers a wide range of superconducting magnets available for use in different applications.

Examples of the superconducting magnet products we offer:

  • Powerflux superconductor
  • Laboratory powerflux
  • Suspended superconducting magnet
Superconducting magnets

HydroFlow Fluid Filtration and Recycling

Eriez HydroFlow Europe was created recently following the recent acquisition of Centriforce Limited and offers the benefits of leading providers of coolant filtration systems to the European metalworking industry. 

Eriez Hydroflow Europe provide an extensive range of filtration equipment and design service for the general engineering, aerospace, automotive and rail industries in fact, anybody using cutting fluids.

HydroFlow Fluid Filtration systems, whether for a single machine tool or a complete plant-wide centralised systems using water-based coolant or neat oil lubricant, include: 

  • Media and media-free vacuum filters 
  • Centrifuge filter systems 
  • Gravity filter systems 
  • Magnetic roll separators 
  • Fluid transfer systems 

Eriez provides also expert metalworking fluid management systems specifically geared to the type and brand of fluid in use in your facility. Eriez’ extensive knowledge of metalworking fluid design and application is the foundation upon which the excellent designs are based. Taking into account the various parameters required for a successful fluids recycling program, Eriez offers a full range of dedicated equipment such as : 

  • SumpDoc™ portable fluid recycling system
  • CRS Fluid Recycling Systems
  • Solids From Liquid Centrifuges
  • Sump Cleaners
  • Fluid Recycling Instrumentation
  • Mechanical Concentrate Mixers
  • Pure Water Treatment System
  • Tramp Oil Separators

For further information on the Eriez Hydroflow Europe product range, please call +44 (0)29 2085 5800 or

HydroFlow Fluid Filtration and Recycling


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