Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd produce a variety of Magnetic Separators for use in industries like filtering iron from liquid lines, concentrating ores and recycling industrial and municipal wastes.

Magnetic separators, such as magnetic grates and tubes to permanent overband magnets or suspended electro-magnets are used for removing tramp iron and fine iron from materials so using them in process line will improve product quality and protect your machinery from damage and downtime.

We manufacture many standard permanent magnets but we also design and manufacture bespoke magnetic assemblies to customer requirements. Listening to our customers applications, we work together and using our full scale laboratory we are able to specify the best equipment for the application, whether be rare earth magnetic drums, magnetic grids, eddy current separator or feeding or metal detection equipment. 

  1. Eriez Europe is supporting key industries in the fight against Covid-19
    5 November 2020

    Eriez Magnetics Europe has prioritised the manufacture of equipment needed to make vital Covid-19 testing kits.

    A large batch of plate magnets were recently supplied to a Cardiff based company in a bid to accelerate production of the testing kits. The magnetic plates fabricated by Eriez work in combination with complex magnetic beads, a powerful apparatus for various medical research applications, to facilitate the separation and purification of cells and proteins.

    In the face of a global pandemic most businesses have had to adapt to the challenges of new work practices, including Eriez. Despite a reduced workforce, due to shielding more vulnerable colleagues and working in a precautionary distanced manner to uphold safety measures, Eriez was able to deliver the order ahead of schedule thanks to its motivated team at the company’s European headquarters in Bedwas, Caerphilly. Sales Director Gareth Meese stated Eriez Europe welcomed this opportunity to support key services and clinical research and development. “It’s important we pull together and help others as much as we can during these challenging times, it was a pleasure to be able to turn this job around quickly and efficiently in a bid to play our part in trying to combat the spread of the virus” he added.

    Eriez is a strong global authority currently operating in 40 territories but, like many businesses, has recently refocused some of its efforts to aid the local plant in Cardiff in the time sensitive race to find an effective vaccine, treatment or test for the Covid-19 virus. This lab work is being carried out based on a wealth of knowledge and experience in the biotechnology industry. Due to the fast paced and ever-changing situation surrounding a novel virus, a quick response was required from suppliers to bring these test kits to fruition. Eriez Europe expedited the manufacture of required parts to ensure the kits were made as efficiently as possible.

    During this time, Eriez Europe has been supplying a variety of other products into the food & pharmaceutical industry to support the global effort, recognising the gravity of being able to provide key components to production lines and laboratories on short lead times. Eriez Europe houses a vast range of powerful equipment to offer to these industries, as well as its more industrial solutions, including an abundance of magnetic separation equipment with sanitary finishes, high sensitivity metal detectors and a fully equipped laboratory to ensure that testing can be carried out to provide the optimum solution for each application. 

    Eriez Europe is supporting key industries in the fight against Covid-19
  2. Eriez Europe, drumming up profit for the scrap industry
    10 September 2020

    The scrap metal industry has long been a key sub-sector of the UK economy, further emphasised after such a tumultuous year for heavy industries. Eriez Magnetics Europe recognises the environmental and commercial importance of the metals recycling industry and provides custom solutions to achieve optimum separation of valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals, whether scrap processors are looking to achieve maximum grade or maximum recovery.

    In March 2020, the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation urged the EU and member states to acknowledge the ‘essential role of the waste management and recycling industry’. This appeal served to remind governments of the financial, environmental and social impact that would follow if the recycling and scrap industry were brought to a halt as part of the fallout from COVID-19.

    For scrap processors who handle high volumes and cumbersome material daily, it is vital that the appropriate equipment is selected for arduous applications. The Eriez Scrap Drum is hardwearing and adapted for such testing conditions due to its manganese shell, which can take the impact of potentially damaging product. Additionally, each process line must also consider its aims, for example a recent customer required the highest possible purity of steel (Fe), so Eriez selected a bottom fed configuration drum. The grade of the steel recovered was then able to command the best price and produced choice material for reprocessing.

    The value of secondary raw materials (SRM) that are produced during the scrap metal recycling process cannot be underestimated, commodities to both processors and downstream industries. All eco- and profit-conscious scrap plants will incorporate both magnetic and non-ferrous separators, for high levels of separation of all metals. The Eriez Eddy Current Separator (ECS) significantly increases the collection of non-ferrous metals like aluminium and copper and the Eriez Magnetic Drum extracts iron and steel, working in unison to create an optimum scrap process line.

    To find a suitable scrap solution, customers can send Eriez Europe samples for testing to determine what grade or recovery could be achieved by Eriez equipment, or alternatively organise an experienced engineer site visit to discuss optimising current processes. Call +44 (0)29 2086 8501 or email for more information.

    Eriez Europe, drumming up profit for the scrap industry
  3. Eriez takes ‘charge’ of its future with new capacitive charger
    6 February 2020

    Following years of continued growth, Eriez Magnetics Europe has invested in a second capacitive charger to keep up with increasing demand; a powerful system dubbed “the world’s largest commercial magnetiser”. This new capacitive charger will run alongside the existing charger to safeguard Eriez Europe’s status as the industry leading magnetic separation manufacturer. The charger will be used to magnetise permanent ferrite and rare earth magnetic assemblies, such as Eriez’ range of suspended permanent magnets, which are most commonly installed above process lines to remove ferrous contamination.

    As pictured, this specialised charger works by passing a 300kj high intensity current from the capacitor bank through an unmagnetised block of Strontium ferrite or Neodymium iron boron. This ensures that all blocks are consistently magnetised across the full width and depth for a superior magnetic field and guaranteed performance strength. Annually, Eriez Europe manufactures in excess of 2,000 overband magnets and the new charger will future proof this ever expanding core product line. Alongside this, Eriez’ reputation for supplying powerful magnets with large field projection, that don’t compromise on flux density, has enabled sales to continue climbing. Eriez is able to efficiently deliver a high-calibre product whilst keeping costs to a minimum and further reducing its carbon footprint with this more prudent method of charging. Being one of the only European magnetic separation enterprises with multiple capacitive chargers also lends Eriez Europe the fortunate position of having a large stock of equipment for immediate sale, suspended magnets in particular, which is vital in such a fast paced industry where downtime has significant financial impact for both manufacturer and customer.

    Alternative charging methods can create an inferior quality of magnetisation due to the fact that the whole magnetic circuit cannot be charged at once, as opposed to Eriez Europe’s single surge method that takes less than one second in a sole 20,000 amp pulse. It is impossible to effectively charge the individual blocks to full saturation as the repeated exposure to the currents within the charger actually begins to demagnetise the outer portions of the individual blocks, decreasing the overall magnetic field intensity by roughly 10-20%. When the whole circuit is saturated, this creates a stronger and deeper field, especially key for suspended magnets that require maximum strength for pick-up through a variety of burden depths. Eriez believes that investing in a premium charger is the first step to ensuring the performance quality of a magnet. 

    Weighing in at close to 14 tonnes, it is difficult to comprehend the power of this feat of engineering. Coupled with its strength, this new machine has an inbuilt flux meter providing quality assurance for every magnetic assembly. The capability to magnetise both Strontium ferrite and Neodymium iron boron, as well as sheer production capacity, gives Eriez Europe the edge it needs to be constantly evolving.

    Eriez takes ‘charge’ of its future with new capacitive charger
  4. Eriez Stake In a Sustainability
    27 November 2019

    Sustainable living’ is currently the phrase on everyone’s lips as daily reports condemn the current strain put on our Earth’s natural resources. It’s not just the recent announcement of the UK’s Environment Bill on October 15th that’s caught our attention, the whole world has turned its focus to the prevention of ‘climate meltdown’. With the ever-increasing interest in recycling methods due to our current inundation with pollutants, namely single use plastics, global pressure is now on to find a more sustainable method of existence. The time sensitivity of this call to action is where Eriez Europe, with its recycling solutions, sees itself as a strategic player. Such solutions are vital when striving to rebalance the consumption of finite resources and the pollution of our ecosystem. Supermarkets are currently under instruction to change their approach to single use packaging, many businesses are trialling plastic bag-free stores and restaurants and bars are soon to be fined for providing plastic straws to patrons. These are just a few examples of the single use plastics that are contributing to a soon irreparable level of damage to our planet, illustrating why we are in vitalneed of smart recycling technologies to alleviate this urgent situation. Not unlike further afield, the UK government has voiced its pledge to restructuring recycling procedure, with the Environment Secretary calling for “simplified recycling across local authorities” where waste cannot be avoided.

    Being situated just outside the Welsh capital, Eriez Europe is already highly familiar with the UK government’s renewed commitment to “[ensuring] producer responsibility and a consistent approach to recycling”. In terms of recycling rates, Wales is proudly taking the lead in the UK, with more than 50% of municipal waste being recycled. However, it is a little-known fact that Wales stands just behind Germany for the percentage of municipal waste recycled in Europe. More impressive still, Wales is ranked third on a worldwide stage, remarkable when taking in to consideration the size and resources of the nation. This goes a long way in substantiating the sustainability ethos embedded within Welsh government, community and industry. Eriez Europe’s position as the only magnetic separation manufacturer within Wales, with dedicated recycling solutions, gives it unique access to a wealth of local knowledge. This understanding of the recycling industry is also rooted in the foundation of Eriez Europe’s newly opened Recycling centre, giving customers from all industries the opportunity to see the results achieved by Eriez equipment before investing.

    Presently, the Welsh government is moving towards a goal of “70% of all waste to be recycled”, and this culture of constant progress is also harboured within Eriez Europe. Simply looking at sales of Eriez Europe’s Eddy Current Separator (ECS) alone, an advanced sorting system which uses a powerful magnetic field to separate non-ferrous metals from waste, provides a clear reflection of its strength and effectiveness. Just under 50 ECS machines have been purchased this year alone, many of these to local companies. This could be attributed to the fact that increasingly over the past few years local authorities have started bringing recycling in-house, a number of these throughout the wider UK choosing Eriez Europe’s ECS to fulfil this task. On a surface level, the driving force behind this move to process waste internally is a reduction of costs instead of outsourcing to contractors. However, perhaps more crucially, this shift hands more autonomy to local authorities over recycling quotas and overall quality; particularly relevant under increased pressure from government to improve recycling statistics.

    Wales currently collects approximately 50% of all its dry recycling via the kerbside “sort collection system”, which is a valuable method of keeping contamination levels low, however recycling technologies like the ECS are relied upon to ensure effective removal of contaminants from recyclable materials. According to recent reports, PET is the most commonly used and easily recycled plastic due to its airtight and rigid, yet flexible, properties which make it particularly suitable for use in the food and drink industry. Eriez Europe manufactures an expert module for separating PET flake from metal contaminants before it is reformed in to greener packaging. This specialised ECS has an ultra-thin belt to allow the material maximum interaction with the magnetic field, an adapted nose and splitter to ensure maximum degree of separation and other unique design features. The local demand for powerful recycling technologies, in combination with targets set by Welsh authorities to improve performance, indicates the possibility of Wales soon overtaking Germany in terms of recycling prowess. With environmental policies set to ramp up across the globe over the coming months, Eriez Europe is expecting demand to continue increasing. This demand has generated incentive within Eriez to seek methods of refining and improving many of its recycling solutions.

    Alongside the Eddy Current Separator, Eriez Europe boasts a wide range of magnetic separation and metal detection products which all take a unique part in recycling processes. This includes the suspended overband magnet which is frequently used in recycling applications to remove ferrous before it reaches the ECS, a key step in separating materials down in to specific groups to ensure effective recycling.  Eriez Europe prides itself in sharing this local knowledge and inviting customers to test a selection of these products at exhibitions and on site in South Wales.




    Eriez Stake In a Sustainability
  5. Bespoke metal detection solutions provided for glass & PVC recycling
    12 July 2019

    Manufacturing industries are continuously looking for methods of refining their production process. Eriez Europe has recently supplied an E-Z Tec 9000 R Metal Detector with Pneumatic Reject System to be utilised by a customer that manufactures glass beads, used to increase durability and anti-skid and reflective properties in road markings.  Despite this application, the bespoke design can be adapted to apply to many other industries and this project is an example of the effectiveness of such innovation.  The installation of this metal detector has facilitated the extraction of metal contaminants from their process line; which in turn protects the machinery, saving time and resources, alongside the immeasurable value of a higher quality end-product.

    Following decades of market-leading metal detection solutions, Eriez Europe was selected to commission a detector that fit these specialised requirements. Additionally, the glass production was monitored on site by Eriez representatives to ensure the most effective design was implemented. Eriez Europe was confident to present the E-Z Tec 9000 R Metal Detector, in combination with the Pneumatic Reject System, as the most practical solution as it excelled the detection requirement needed with its capacity for a high level of sensitivity and detection of small contamination. Providing the E-Z Tec 9000 R with the Pneumatic Reject System on the conveyor specifically allows for the process to be continuous. The system supplied is a complete modular solution; working in line with the current glass processing applications on site. The installation will therefore not disrupt any current processing practices.

    When asked about this opportunity to supply a bespoke E-Z Tec 9000 R, Paul Hale, Metal Detection Sales Manager, commented “We were delighted upon receiving the enquiry and excited to get to work. The E-Z Tec 9000 R is ideal for glass processing as it will provide high levels of sensitivity and has the capacity to detect small levels of contamination. The added element of the pneumatic reject system on the conveyor will guarantee a continuous process, eliminating any stoppages”.

    However, this has not been the only recent success with the E-Z Tec 9000. The smaller E-Z Tec 9000 RD model, albeit still boasting the same detection capabilities, was supplied to detect metal contaminants in the recycling of PVC window frames.

    Installations of E-Z Tec 9000 Metal Detectors with Pneumatic Reject Systems demonstrate Eriez Europe’s competency in providing custom products for metal detection requirements. Eriez Europe continues to work closely with various and diverse organisations to provide turnkey solutions to unique applications across a range of industries, delivering the best possible results in the detection of metal contaminants.




    Bespoke metal detection solutions provided for glass & PVC recycling
  6. The Last Straw for Plastics
    7 June 2019

    The Xtreme Metal Detector Eriez Europe sold to Transcend Packaging Ltd is being used to inspect paper drinking straws prior to packaging. Transcend Packaging has won a large contract with fast food giant McDonald's to supply paper straws for their restaurants throughout the UK & Ireland. The Xtreme Metal Detector provided by Eriez ensures there is no metal contamination within the paper straws. 

    Transcend Packaging based in Ystrach Mynach produce sustainable packaging designed to reduce the impact of single-use plastics. A leading product within their range is their eco-friendly paper straws where they’ve won large contracts with leading companies like McDonald's and numerous other high street chains. This will allow ambitious growth plans to be reached where they hope to expand from 100 employees to 200 by 2021. 

    The use of plastics within product packaging is at such a high level that continued negligence simply isn’t sustainable for the future of the planet. Plastic straws without a recycling process can take up to 200 years to decompose. With the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) estimating an incredible 7 billion plastic straws being used in the UK each year, this is clearly a problem that must be addressed. 

    Large organisations serving drinks have started to offer different solutions. This includes McDonald's who have pledged to replace all plastic straws with paper ones in their UK and Ireland restaurants. This a positive step in the right direction with 1.8 million straws being used in McDonald’s every day.

    Transcend Packaging has been successful in winning a contract to supply McDonald's with paper straws to ensure their pledge is reached. To supply an effective product, Transcend Packaging conducts rigorous quality testing to make sure their products are free from  metal contamination.

    Confident of its detection abilities, Eriez suggested the Xtreme Metal Detector. With the ability to detect metal contamination as small as 1mm in a bundle of 240 straws, the Xtreme Metal Detector is ideal for the production of paper straws. Any contaminants in the production line would cause an alarm to be triggered with details appearing on a 7” touch screen. This allows any extraneous matter to be removed, and an investigation to the source to be conducted prior to production continuing.

    The Last Straw for Plastics
  7. Six Metre Double-Stacked Eddy Current Separator Module Supplied to St. Margarets Recycling for Complete Metal Recovery
    17 April 2019

    Eriez Europe has provided a one-stop custom solution to St. Margarets Metal Recycling and Transfer Centre Ltd. metal recovery problem within their scrapping process. Eriez designed and manufactured a dual-pass Eddy Current Separator (ECS) module that will allow for optimum separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    St. Margarets is a large recycling centre with a metals division, specialising in the buying and selling of scrap metals, including high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, lead and zinc. They approached Eriez with the requirement to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals from automotive shredder residue (ASR) to increase the purity of their end product and command the highest possible resale value. Given Eriez’ vast knowledge of metal separation and decades of experience in the recycling industry, a custom solution was recommended. The six metre high module includes a vibratory feeder, magnetic drum separator and two 1.5 metre wide Eddy Current Separators.

    The vibratory feeder ensures an even, mono-layer spread of material to maximise efficiency and improve separation before it is fed into the permanent magnetic drum separator. Here the larger pieces of ferrous metals are recovered before the material passes through the conveyors on the Eddy Current Separators separating the valuable non-ferrous metals from the ASR. A dual-pass process where the material passes through a second Eddy Current Separator optimises metal recovery, providing a clean, high-quality end-product.

    The unit has now been despatched to Dublin and is awaiting installation in St. Margarets Recycling Centre. Gareth Meese, Sales Director at Eriez Europe commented: “The ECS module supplied to St. Margarets is one of the largest units we’ve supplied recently. It provides an efficient, economical solution to recycling and waste companies who require maximum levels of ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery from different waste streams. The recycling industry continues to be a key area of focus for Eriez Europe. Through continuous research and development of our separation technologies, we have added significant value to our customers processing requirements and are pleased to supply St. Margarets with a complete metal recovery solution with our ECS module.”

    Bryan McDonnell of St. Margarets commented, “The Eddy Current Separator supplied by Eriez Europe will ensure a vast improvement to our recycling process, improving the product purity and resale value of the metals recovered.”

    Eriez has a proven track record of providing valuable metal separation solutions to the recycling industry. For further information, contact Eriez on +44(029 2086 8501 or email

    Six Metre Double-Stacked Eddy Current Separator Module Supplied to St. Margarets Recycling for Complete Metal Recovery
  8. Eriez Metalarm Metal Detector sold to MMD Mineral Sizing (Europe) Ltd. for The HALO Trust’s landmine removal efforts in Africa.
    5 April 2019

    Eriez Magnetics Europe recently sold a Metalarm Metal Detector to MMD (Mining Machinery Developments). The Metalarm Metal Detector was then donated to The HALO Trust (Hazardous Area Life-support Organisation) to speed up anti-personnel landmine clearance in Zimbabwe and to help support the global Landmine Free 2025 campaign.

    MMD designed a mobile Demining Sizer rig to donate to The HALO Trust to help reach this commitment. Eriez Europe was tasked with designing a metal detector for the mobile rig to detect larger mines prior to them entering the crusher chamber. Working with MMD’s design team, Eriez provided a special metal detector allowing smaller contaminates to be ignored while still detecting larger pieces – this prevents unnecessary belt stoppages but still stops any larger pieces damaging downstream machinery.

    Eriez advised on the installation requirements for the metal detector ensuring a successful installation and commissioning at MMD’s site in Derbyshire. The HALO Trust ran a number of successful tests with dummy anti-personnel landmines. 

    Both Eriez Europe and MMD are world leaders in the manufacturing industry. Eriez Europe is recognised for their extensive knowledge and experience in separation technologies and last year, celebrated 50 years of manufacturing excellence in Europe. MMD celebrated a landmark year in 2018, celebrating 40 years in business in the design, manufacture and supply of mineral processing solutions and associated machinery serving the mining, quarrying and recycling industries.|

    The HALO Trust is a humanitarian mine clearance organisation registered as a charity in both the UK and US. Its mission is to protect lives and restore livelihoods for those affected by conflict by removing landmines and other debris of war.

    HALO employs over 9,000 deminers worldwide, including 350 national staff in Zimbabwe, one of the most highly mine-impacted countries in the world. Highly dense belts of landmines (reportedly 5,500 mines per km) were laid along the borders with Zambia and Mozambique during the Liberation War of the 1970s and HALO has been demining there since 2013, with a clearance rate of approximately 500 mines per month.

    The metal detectors on the rig will make a significant difference to HALO's clearance rate.

    The MMD Demining Sizer rig was officially handed over to The HALO Trust at Hillhead 2018 and is currently in transit to Zimbabwe, where local management have said it will 'make a real difference to tens of thousands of people's lives.'

    Paul Hale, Metal Detection Sales Manager, at Eriez Europe comments, “Eriez is very proud to work with MMD on this project and to support the incredible work of The HALO Trust. It is fantastic to know that our Metalarm Metal Detector will help towards eliminating mines in Zimbabwe and make a difference to so many people’s lives.”

    For more information on Eriez Metal Detectors or product range, contact +44 (0)2920 868 501 or email:

    Eriez Metalarm Metal Detector sold to MMD Mineral Sizing (Europe) Ltd. for The HALO Trust’s landmine removal efforts in Africa.
  9. Celebrating 50 Years of Manufacturing in Europe
    16 April 2018

    Celebrating 50 Years of Manufacturing in Europe

    Celebrating 50 Years of Manufacturing in Europe
  10. New compact suspended overband magnet to make debut at Steinexpo 2017
    14 July 2017

    Eriez Europe will be showcasing the latest solutions in metal detection and removal for the mining and quarry industries at the Steinexpo show in Homberg, Germany from August 30th to September 2nd. Set in Europe’s biggest basalt quarry, visitors to stand C47 will have the first exclusive look at the new compact suspended permanent magnet.

    Eriez has focused recent developments on producing higher gradient multi-pole magnet blocks coupled with more compact, lighter weight and streamlined self-cleaning arrangements.

    The newly-designed magnet is lighter than a standard Eriez suspended magnet, yet offers comparable performance in achieving the highest levels of metal separation. The slimline, compact design features an internal frame simplifying the belt change process and is ideal for mobile crushers, shredders or screeners.

    Eriez offers a comprehensive range of magnetic separators and metal detectors to remove both ferrous and non-ferrous metals to protect downstream processing equipment and reduce costly damage and downtime.

    For the removal of tramp iron in conveyed material or chutes, Eriez suspended electromagnets have been designed especially for the quarry and mining industries and are most effective when a deeper magnetic field is required. At Steinexpo, a self-cleaning model will be on display for the continuous, automatic removal of tramp iron. They are recommended where a large amount of tramp iron is expected or where there may be limited access to the magnet for cleaning purposes.

    Completing the product line-up at the show is the MetAlarm QM3500 bridge coil metal detector, suitable for use with steel-corded conveyor belts. The dual sensor coil model is ideal for higher material burdens and higher belt speeds. It is able to detect tramp metal above the customer critical metal size only, ignoring smaller pieces and preventing unnecessary stoppages of conveyors.

    Gareth Meese, Sales Director at Eriez Europe, explains: “There have been many developments with the ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery solutions that we offer in the last few years. Eriez continues to focus on research and product development to ensure that the equipment we offer develops with ever-changing customer and market demands. The equipment on display at Steinexpo this year is testimony to this”.

    If you wish to make an appointment with the Eriez team at Steinexpo 2017, please contact +44 (0) 29 2086 8501 or E-Mail

    New compact suspended overband magnet to make debut at Steinexpo 2017
  11. US investor backs South Wales start-up
    10 April 2017

    FaultCurrent extends the capacity of the existing power grid

    A device which protects power systems from disruption and damage to network infrastructure has won extra funding for commercial development.

    FaultCurrent Ltd uses groundbreaking magnetic technology to allow the existing power grid to cope with excessive fault conditions, brought about by the rapid move towards decentralisation of electricity generation, including the connection of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.

    Developed as a spin-out from research undertaken at Cardiff University, the device is inactive during normal power flow and only reacts when excessive fault currents are detected, inhibiting the flow to allow the existing power network protection systems to safely isolate the problem.

    Eriez Investments Ltd becomes a shareholder in FaultCurrent, and Eriez Magnetics Europe Limited, who were engaged in the manufacture of FaultCurrent’s full-scale prototype, will manufacture the commercial product under license at its facility in Caerphilly, South Wales.

    ”Eriez Magnetics is excited to become an investor in FaultCurrent,”said Tim Shuttleworth, CEO of US parent Eriez Manufacturing Company Inc. “We have the knowledge and understanding of magnetic materials and processes to support FaultCurrent’s ambitions to grow as a global business.”

    Martin Ansell, Chairman and CEO of FaultCurrent, said: “With help from the UK Government’s Energy Entrepreneurs Fund and our founding investor, IP Group plc, FaultCurrent has already successfully tested a full-scale prototype and now has the investment needed to refine its design into a commercial product, suitable for application on power distribution grids. We are aiming for commercial trials before the end of 2017.”

    Dr Nick Bourne, Head of Commercial Development, Cardiff University, said: “I’m delighted the University has developed such a productive partnership with Eriez Magnetics which will help establish and grow a new high-tech venture in Wales based on our respective strengths and expertise.”

    The patented technology behind FaultCurrent has been developed by magnetic engineering expert Dr Jeremy Hall at Cardiff University’s Wolfson Centre for Magnetics. Dr Hall said: “Our technology can play a major role in managing new demands on ageing and already overburdened electrical infrastructures to allow the connection of cleaner distributed energy sources, which is good news in terms of tackling climate change.”

    US investor backs South Wales start-up
  12. Eriez Europe continues to expand despite Brexit uncertainty
    24 November 2016

    Following a prolonged upturn in sales, Eriez are investing $425,000 in a new rotor manufacturing facility to expand the existing extensive European manufacturing headquarters in South Wales, which supplies magnetic separation and metal detection equipment to customers across the UK and Europe.

    Complimenting Eriez’ Eddy Current manufacturing sites in North America and Asia, the expansion of the well-established South Wales (UK) facility adds a third rotor manufacturing site to the company’s global network, strengthening Eriez’ ability to provide consistent levels of customer service excellence worldwide. Eriez Europe will manufacture and stock a range of global Eddy Current Separator rotors on-site, enabling customers to have quick access to process-critical spare rotors should they be required.

    The investment at Eriez Europe will include a high-speed balancing machine and a filament winding machine to facilitate the intricate manufacture of Eriez’ advanced range of Eddy Current Separators, designed to recover non-ferrous metals from a wide variety of waste streams.

    The new facility will allow increase production capacity of Eddy Current Separator rotors per year by a third, promoting globalisation of the Eriez brand and ensuring that the best possible service is provided for new and existing customers alike.

    “Following continued success of supplying the Eriez Eddy Current Separators into a diverse range of industries, we are excited to be able to significantly expand our capabilities at Eriez Europe and to facilitate further growth, strengthening our market position both locally in the UK and worldwide.

    The ability to supply the rotors globally demonstrates our ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of our customers and offering them the best possible solutions,” said John Curwen, Managing Director at Eriez Europe.

    Eriez Europe continues to expand despite Brexit uncertainty
  13. Eriez Europe Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard
    10 November 2016


    Eriez’ continuous commitment to customer satisfaction has been strengthened with the upgrade of their ISO 9001:2008 certification to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard for its business and quality management systems. Eriez design and manufacture magnetic separators, metal detectors, vibratory, fluid filtration and sampling equipment from their facility in Caerphilly, South Wales, UK, and undertook an external audit by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) involving all processes and departments within the business. Following the audit, it was confirmed that Eriez’ business and quality management systems conformed to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 and Eriez have been awarded re-certification for the next 3 years.

    ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses and helps organisations demonstrate to customers that they can offer products and services of consistently good quality. It applies to the processes that create and control the products and services an organisation supplies, and prescribes the systematic control of activities to ensure that the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders in the business are met.

    Eriez was first awarded certification of their quality system to ISO 9001 in 1992 making them the first manufacturer of magnetic separators in the world to attain the international quality standard.

    Since their first accreditation in 1992, the company has continued to meet the ever-growing customer demand for the highest levels of quality. Eriez’ quality improvement plan aims to detect any areas that need improvement and set up the appropriate corrective actions to ensure high standards are maintained.

    Andrew Church, Quality/Health & Safety Manager at Eriez commented, "Eriez has invested significant effort into developing a quality policy that ensures we meet our customer needs. All employees at Eriez have a clear set of processes and measurable objectives which are reviewed on a regular basis. Having the support of all departments at Eriez is critical to our continued reliable and timely despatch and delivery of our magnetic separators. We are really pleased to be recognised by DNV who have accredited us to ISO 9001:2015 for another 3 years and we will continue to implement our quality improvement plans."

    For more information on Eriez visit or email:

    Eriez Europe Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard
  14. Over 10 years at RWM for Eriez Europe
    1 September 2016

    Celebrating over 10 years exhibiting at RWM, Eriez Europe will be demonstrating their expertise and experience in metal separation solutions for the recycling and waste industries on Stand 5S10-T11.

    Eriez Magnetics is recognised as world authority in separation technologies, manufacturing magnetic separators and metal detectors in 12 international facilities on six continents, with the European Headquarters based in Caerphilly, South Wales, UK.

    For over the last decade, RWM has been a platform for Eriez to launch and showcase the most pioneering solutions for metal separation and recovery. Eriez’ stand has housed the exclusive, first-look of the ProSort™ airless metal recovery system, the P-Rex® super-strong rare earth drum magnet, the RevX-E Eddy Current Separator, the FinesSort® ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery system and the Tri-Sep metal separator, to name a few. With live demonstrations running throughout the duration of the show, visitors have traditionally been encouraged to bring samples to test on the working equipment to witness their separation performance.

    Eriez has been active in the recycling industry for many decades and offers the requisite knowledge and experience as well as a wide range of products to solve almost any metal separation and detection issue.  Products offered include overband magnets, magnetic pulleys, Ferrite and Rare Earth drum separators, non-ferrous eddy current separators and high sensitivity metal detectors.

    From ferrous to non-ferrous recovery, Eriez’ magnetic separators and metal detectors achieve superior recovery, higher grade products, and can handle every kind of material – from MSW, shredded vehicles, WEEE and plastic to foundry sand reclamation. Equipment can be supplied as individual units or complete modular systems and are configured with the client’s needs in mind to ensure optimal fit for installation and separation.

    Equipment showcasing on stand 5S10-T11 at this year’s RWM includes the next generation of Eriez Eddy Current Separators, which offer an unparalleled performance on fines separation; and the new stronger and lighter rare earth overband magnet developed specifically with the mobile market in mind.

    Commenting on Eriez’ success at RWM, Gareth Meese, Eriez Europe’s Sales Director commented: “Eriez’ presence at RWM over the last decade has demonstrated our commitment to the recycling and waste industry. RWM has been a great platform to showcase our latest solutions for metal separation and recovery and allows customers to see first-hand what separations are possible, whether this is removing ferrous, recovering stainless steel or separating very small non-ferrous metals. We look forward to continuing our success at this year’s show.”

    For more information on Eriez’ products or to make an appointment with the team at RWM, please contact +44(0) 2920 868501 or email

    Over 10 years at RWM for Eriez Europe
  15. First Eriez Xtreme® Metal Detector sold in UK
    28 July 2016

    JE Hartley, a frozen food supplier, has purchased the first Xtreme® Metal Detector in the UK for their manufacturing process line.

    The company processes bagged frozen vegetables at -20ºC and contacted Eriez Europe for the best sensitivity metal detector for their process line. As a company who have built their reputation as the leading provider of the safest frozen ingredients available to food manufacturers, including baby food manufacturers, sensitivity was key to their request.

    Eriez Europe offered JE Hartley the Xtreme® Metal Detector, confident that the required sensitivity could be achieved with the newest model in the company’s extensive metal detector product range. With its multiple frequency range and vibration immunity, the Xtreme® Metal Detector is designed to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity to detect small ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants.

    The company also required a full conveyor system with the detector that fitted in with their existing process line. The conveyor was custom-designed with a stainless steel inclined frame to fit between two existing conveyors, and included variable belt speed, internal drum motor, emergency stop, and belt stop alarm. The conveyor was designed using a modular belt and conveyor bed for easy removal and cleaning.

    Happy with the sensitivities achieved, JE Hartley placed the order and the unit recently shipped to the company’s processing plant in York where it has now been successfully installed.

    Paul Hale, Sales Manager – Metal Detection at Eriez Europe, comments "We gathered crucial information from our customers about what they want and need in metal detection equipment and we designed the Xtreme® Metal Detector to exceed these demands and expectations. It is the first in a line of Eriez metal detectors that will add even more enhancements that the food and packaging industry will want as time goes on. In our experience, the flexibility and ability to customise a metal detection system to match specifications is unique.

    As part of the campaign to develop the Xtreme® business in Europe, Eriez Europe has redesigned the conveyor system to increase cost-efficiency and reduce production time, whilst also incorporating the guarding required to comply with the CE Machinery Directive Regulations.

    The new conveyor system design now significantly reduces manufacturing time with the stainless steel frame, support structure rollers and conveyor belt manufactured as separate entities, reducing the number of sub-assembly components from twelve to five."

    For more information on the Xtreme® Metal Detector, visit


    First Eriez Xtreme® Metal Detector sold in UK
  16. Metal recovery solutions at IFAT 2016
    13 April 2016

    Reliable separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is an important element of today’s recycling industry with a distinct emphasis being placed upon achieving maximum recovery.

    On stand 439, hall C1 at IFAT 2016 (Messe Munich, Germany) from 30th May to 3rd of June, Eriez Magnetics Europe will be exhibiting the latest separation solutions available for efficient metal recovery and maximum product purity.

    Eriez’ extensive range of recycling equipment, which includes Overband Magnets, Eddy Current Separators, Metal Separators and Magnetic Drums, allows for the consistent recovery of valuable metals helping waste material processors increase their profits. At the show, Eriez will be demonstrating an array of fully operational equipment including ferrous, non-ferrous and metal detection solutions. Visitors are invited to bring sample materials to the stand to see the separation performance of the units.

    Eriez understands that customers in the recycling industry are continually looking to achieve increased levels of recovery, a requirement that is satisfied through the company’s focus on continuing product development and improvement.  As a result, there have been many advances in the last few years in the solutions that Eriez offers, including the launch of a pioneering Eddy Current Separator design for maximum non-ferrous removal, which has proven to be a huge success for Eriez and will feature as a focal point on stand 439.

    Commenting on Eriez’ attendance at IFAT this year, Gareth Meese, Sales Director said, “It’s an extremely exciting time here at Eriez Magnetics. We have made significant developments with regards to both ferrous and non-ferrous separation solutions, which we are excited to announce prior to the IFAT show. We are confident that these developments will allow Eriez to further strengthen its market position and continue to provide pioneering separation solutions to the recycling industry and beyond.”

    Members of the Eriez technical sales team will be on the stand to offer support and answer any queries. To make an appointment, please contact +44 (0) 29 2086 8501 or email

    Metal recovery solutions at IFAT 2016

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