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Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd produce a variety of Magnetic Separators for use in industries like filtering iron from liquid lines, concentrating ores and recycling industrial and municipal wastes.

Magnetic separators, such as magnetic grates and tubes to permanent overband magnets or suspended electro-magnets are used for removing tramp iron and fine iron from materials so using them in process line will improve product quality and protect your machinery from damage and downtime.

We manufacture many standard permanent magnets but we also design and manufacture bespoke magnetic assemblies to customer requirements. Listening to our customers applications, we work together and using our full scale laboratory we are able to specify the best equipment for the application, whether be rare earth magnetic drums, magnetic grids, eddy current separator or feeding or metal detection equipment. 

Over 10 years at RWM for Eriez Europe

Over 10 years at RWM for Eriez Europe

Celebrating over 10 years exhibiting at RWM, Eriez Europe will be demonstrating their expertise and experience in metal separation solutions for the recycling and waste industries on Stand 5S10-T11.

Eriez Magnetics is recognised as world authority in separation technologies, manufacturing magnetic separators and metal detectors in 12 international facilities on six continents, with the European Headquarters based in Caerphilly, South Wales, UK.

For over the last decade, RWM has been a platform for Eriez to launch and showcase the most pioneering solutions for metal separation and recovery. Eriez’ stand has housed the exclusive, first-look of the ProSort™ airless metal recovery system, the P-Rex® super-strong rare earth drum magnet, the RevX-E Eddy Current Separator, the FinesSort® ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery system and the Tri-Sep metal separator, to name a few. With live demonstrations running throughout the duration of the show, visitors have traditionally been encouraged to bring samples to test on the working equipment to witness their separation performance.

Eriez has been active in the recycling industry for many decades and offers the requisite knowledge and experience as well as a wide range of products to solve almost any metal separation and detection issue.  Products offered include overband magnets, magnetic pulleys, Ferrite and Rare Earth drum separators, non-ferrous eddy current separators and high sensitivity metal detectors.

From ferrous to non-ferrous recovery, Eriez’ magnetic separators and metal detectors achieve superior recovery, higher grade products, and can handle every kind of material – from MSW, shredded vehicles, WEEE and plastic to foundry sand reclamation. Equipment can be supplied as individual units or complete modular systems and are configured with the client’s needs in mind to ensure optimal fit for installation and separation.

Equipment showcasing on stand 5S10-T11 at this year’s RWM includes the next generation of Eriez Eddy Current Separators, which offer an unparalleled performance on fines separation; and the new stronger and lighter rare earth overband magnet developed specifically with the mobile market in mind.

Commenting on Eriez’ success at RWM, Gareth Meese, Eriez Europe’s Sales Director commented: “Eriez’ presence at RWM over the last decade has demonstrated our commitment to the recycling and waste industry. RWM has been a great platform to showcase our latest solutions for metal separation and recovery and allows customers to see first-hand what separations are possible, whether this is removing ferrous, recovering stainless steel or separating very small non-ferrous metals. We look forward to continuing our success at this year’s show.”

For more information on Eriez’ products or to make an appointment with the team at RWM, please contact +44(0) 2920 868501 or email

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