Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd produce a variety of Magnetic Separators for use in industries like filtering iron from liquid lines, concentrating ores and recycling industrial and municipal wastes.

Magnetic separators, such as magnetic grates and tubes to permanent overband magnets or suspended electro-magnets are used for removing tramp iron and fine iron from materials so using them in process line will improve product quality and protect your machinery from damage and downtime.

We manufacture many standard permanent magnets but we also design and manufacture bespoke magnetic assemblies to customer requirements. Listening to our customers applications, we work together and using our full scale laboratory we are able to specify the best equipment for the application, whether be rare earth magnetic drums, magnetic grids, eddy current separator or feeding or metal detection equipment. 

  1. Centrifuge


    Available as single or dual size, Hydroflow Europe centrifuge system enable efficient coolant clarification, Protecting the equipment and ensuring its optimum performance.

  2. De-Magnetising Coil

    De-Magnetising Coil
    Custom engineered electromagnetic unit for demagnetising natural magnetite materials in slurry. Can be used on vertical pipelines or dry gravity flow. A compact unit, available in 17 sizes to suit all applications.
  3. Eddy Current Separator

    Eddy Current Separator

    Eriez Europe range of eddy current separators provide efficient nonferrous metal separation for not only coarse waste material such as shredded wood, aluminium cans and automotive shred (ASR), but also for fine waste materials such as PET flakes, glass cullet and incineration ash. Rotor sizes available from 300mm to 2m wide and suitable for waste particles above 25mm and below 12mm.

  4. Eztec 9000 Metal Detectors

    Eztec 9000 Metal Detectors

    The E-Z Tec 9000 range of industrial metal detectors incorporates high sensitivity, balanced coil technology for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants, including stainless steel residue, making it particularly essential in the food industry. Metal detection is essential to ensure product purity and the protection of machinery. The E-Z Tec metal detectors' sensitivity is dependant on the aperture dimensions and are therefore made to suit the specific operational characteristics.

  5. Eztec 9100 Metal Separators

    Eztec 9100 Metal Separators
    The EZTec 9100 metal separator unit combines the balanced coil technology of the E-Z Tec range of metal detection equipment together with a pneumatic reject system. E-Z Tec 9100enables the rejection of metal contaminants from free falling material and is suitable for sub-millimetres particles. Supplied with a small in-feed hopper or standard fittings it can easily be fiited to existing machinery.
  6. Finessort Metal Recovery System

    Finessort Metal Recovery System
    Eriez FinesSort Metal recovery system is the ultimate in fine metal reclamation. Its powerful magnetic separation components enable the recovery of valuable ferrous and non ferrous metals from the fine waste stream, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.
  7. Gravity Bed Filter

    Gravity Bed Filter

    Media roll filters enable the separation of particles from liquids, protecting the equipment and enabling its optimum operation.

  8. High Intensity Magnetic Filters

    High Intensity Magnetic Filters

    Eriez high intensity and high gradient magnetic separator are particularly suitable for the removal of fine ferrous and paramagnetic particles in slurries, liquids, but also dry powder. Thanks to an advanced electromagnetic coil technology, Eriez magnetic filtration equipment offer the ideal product purification solution for the mineral processing, ceramics, pharmaceutical, speciality glass and the food industry.

  9. Magnetic Drum Filter

    Magnetic Drum Filter
    Hydroflow Europe magnetic drum filters removes ferrous particles from a wide range of cutting fluids. IT provides fine filtration with low running cost.
  10. Magnetic Hoppagrid

    Magnetic Hoppagrid
    Permanent magnet grids, used in hoopers to preventdamage or blacoage to expensive moulding or extrusion equipment.