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Here at ERIKS, we are experts in the distribution of classic vee and wedge belts. Our collection of classic vee and wedge belts includes:
  • Z section
  • A section
  • B section
  • C section
  • D section
  • SPZ section
  • SPA section
  • SPB section
  • SPC section

Sychronous Belts

We provide sychronous belts suitable for an assortment of applications. Our innovative sychronous belts include high torque plus HTD drives, classic timing belts in 5mm, 8mm and 14mm pitch as well as XL, L, H, and XH pitch.

Roller Chain and Sprockets

We distribute roller chains and sprockets in British and American standards. Our simplex, duplex and triplex roller chain and sprockets are manufactured by Fenner, Renold and Sedis. We supply an impressive collection of connecting links and half links.

Shaft Couplings

We provide high quality shaft couplings such as tyre couplings, hrc couplings, lovejoy jaw couplings and spacer couplings. Our innovative shaft couplings come with nitrile and hytrel elements.

Taper Lock Bushes and Adaptors

We distribute taper lock bushes and adaptors. Our wide range of taper lock bushes and adaptors include:

  • 1008, 1108, 1610, 2012, 2517, 3020 and 3030 series bushes
  • wh12, wh16, wh20, wh25, wh30, wh35, wh40, wh45 and wh50 series hubs
  • BF12, BF16, BF20, BF25 and BF30  bolt on hubs
  • wh12, wh16, wh20, wh25 and wh30 weld on hubs


We issue gearboxes for use with motors from 0.18kw to 90kw. We provide a gearbox design service to match helical worm, bevel helical units and shaft mounted units, against uniform loads, moderate shock loads and heavy shock loads.


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