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New advanced heating and lighting technologies such as infrared and LED lighting are increasingly popular ways to reduce energy in our homes and businesses. We are pioneers for inventative energy saving inventions and ideas. Researching only the best products available on the market today.

The Energy Saving Heating system is an electric phased infrared radiant heating system with a energy saving trust recommended smart control panel. Over 10 years vigilance and testing within the factory before testing in the real world. Testing over 300 installations throughout the UK for 1 year prior to release. Worldwide patented technology and most importantly made in Britain. Every heating unit is vigorously tested in a state of the art manufacturing facility prior to delivery. The energy saving heating system comes with a 20 years guarantee as standard on all heater units, with a life expectancy of over 33 years. Probably the most energy efficient heating system in Britain with a very impressive 'A' Rating.

Energy Saving Possabilities
Your home or business could run self sufficient by combining our energy saving heating, our LED lighting and our advanced solar panels which will produce amazing energy saving results, for further information view our website or contact us to arrange a survey to see how much energy and money we can save you.


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