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A calamity!
In case of a calamity you can or may not use the lift. For example: fire- or smoke alarm, technical fault of the lift, power failure.

Evacuation chair
An Escape-Chair® is an indispensable solution for the transport of persons over stairs in the event of a calamity. The easy to operate Escape-Chair® is ready for use within a few seconds and allows a person to be transported over the steps of a flight of stairs.

Why an Escape-Chair®?

  • It is no longer necessary to carry persons
  • Safe evacuation over the stairs
  • Ready for use within a few seconds
  • Can be operated by a single person
  • Speed of descent can be determined by the user
  • Easy manoeuvring in the evacuation flow
  • Forms no blockage on the stairs
  • Fits in any safety plan

Evacuation mattress

Horizontal evacuation
The Escape-Mattress® is an evacuation solution, of which people with mobility problems can be moved in a horizontal position, to a safe location.

The Escape-Mattress® is produced in different models, to provide a solution to your specific situation.

Evacuation mattress

Stretcher mattress

This Escape-Mattress® Stretcher replaces the standard mattress on an ambulance stretcher. If it is not possible to get to the patient with a stretcher (e.g. because of stairs or other obstacles) this Escape-Mattress® Stretcher can be folded out into a mattress which can be dragged by towing straps at the ends and body flaps for immobilising the patient. After that the mattress with the patient can be lifted onto the stretcher.

Other uses
This mattress can also be used in industry environments and confined spaces.

Stretcher mattress

Training in using evacuation equipment

The investment in the right evacuation products is the first step. It is then important that everyone involved are trained in the optimum use of the available evacuation products. Escape Mobility Company's expert trainers have been providing training courses since 1987.

Users are always trained in their own building, using their own evacuation equipment. This ensures that the training is tailored to the practical conditions of your Organisation.

We offer the following training:

  • Escape-Chair®, van Leeuwen evacuation chair® or Other 'similar types' of evacuation chairs (also from other Manufacturers)
  • Escape-Mattress®
  • Evacuationsheet
  • ‘Instruction for use’ for different evacuation equipment on request
Training in using evacuation equipment

Servicing evacuation chairs

To ensure that your evacuation chairs remain in optimal condition, it is of utmost importance to check them on a regular basis (at least once a year). Any defects need to be repaired.*
We are able to carry out annual inspections and any repairs for you. You can opt for an ad-hoc check-up or sign for a servicing agreement.

Because of our years of experience, working with evacuation chairs, we are able to carry out servicing for the following types of evacuation chairs:

  • Escape-Chair®
  • Escape-Carry Chair®
  • van Leeuwen evacuation chair®
  • Other 'similar types' of evacuation chairs

If necessary, we will take over the manufacturer's warranty. Contact one of our team about terms and conditions.

Servicing evacuation chairs
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