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Plastic Vacuum Formers

ESP Plastics Ltd have pioneered the application of technologies such as 3D-modelling 5-axis machining to establish vacuum forming as the most versatile process for product development and manufacture across a broad range of industries. By applying experience, technical expertise and advanced technology, we can ensure that vacuum forming our clients [Nick Algar] achieve :-

  • Short lead times
  • The ability to create complex forms
  • High quality surface finish
  • Cost effective finished products

With tooling produced in-house at a relatively low cost, we can provide cost-effective production of volumes as low as 500 units a year. We continue to provide unbeatable value until volumes exceed 50,000 units a year.

ESP Plastics Ltd success has been achieved through our determination to provide a consistently first class service to our customers. This begins with the courtesy and consideration you receive from our front-line staff and extends through our willingness to go to extra lengths to provide the optimum solutions to technical problems, meet tight delivery schedules and maintain consistently high quality standards, this is also reflected in our integrity.

We only undertake development and production work when we know that the combination of  vacuum forming technology and our technical capabilities will enable us to deliver a first class service, on time every time.

Plastic Vacuum Formers

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