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Need enclosures for your electronics, we have the widest ranges of small to medium size enclosures in plastics and aluminium. Other products which are popular in our range are:

  • Standard enclosures small to medium size
  • DIN Rail and DIN panel mount enclosures
  • Custom low volume enclosures - no tooling and production qaulity finish.
  • Desk top and instrument case enclosures
  • 19" racks and cabinets
  • data and information point enclosures and displays
  • Complete range of accessories fixings and hardward for all our products

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  • Standard enclosures small to medium size

ESP Technologies

ESP Technologies (Enclosures, Systems and Packaging Technologies Ltd) is a stockist and UK distributor of standard enclosures for electronics from small hand held enclosures to 19" data racks and cabinets as well as a complete range of DIN panel and DIN rail mounted products. We also provide a design service for modification of any of our products and the manufacture of custom enclosures. 

As a specialist resource  ESP enables companies to access standard products or to bring design effort on-stream as and when required, giving better control of the cost base as well as tapping into a wealth of experience in board and product design, system integration, cost-down programmes and prototype and volume production of simple and complex board level and integrated systems.


From workbench breadboard functional sample through to an environmentally tested and industrially designed final working prototype, ESP has the expertise and capability to turn the concept into reality. Using either dedicated in-house resources or the specialised expertise of a carefully selected cluster of dedicated partners, ESP take ownership of the entire process, giving full and effective prototyping support for new product developments.

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Contract Manufacturing

ESP Technologies are proud to partner ALPHA-LAYTRON GmbH. Established in 1989 as a specialist service provider EMS services. With ISO 9001:2000 quality system process approval as well as ISO 14001: 2016 environmental approval. In addition, the company has now achieved Medical assembly approval to ISO13485:2012. As well as Contract Manufacturing to our customers’ requirements we also offer a range of services includes consulting, global sourcing, and trading components, the control of all standard technologies and product-specific special processes for PCB assembly based on 30 years’ experience of electronics production, our products of certified quality and utilising a global network of suppliers, we are the reliable partner for demanding clients and tasks.

Commercial Enclosures

Stocks of popular standard products are held by ESP ready for immediate despatch and for commercial applications, the Apranorm range provides the basis for modification and customisation for prototype development, reducing time to market. Apranorm have a well-established capability in producing modified standards and customised front panels in short lead times, a particularly useful service for applications where potential product volumes would not justify a full contract manufacturing approach. Please contact our sales team on 08006126563


  • Control up to 15 fans or max 8 amps load
  • Provide accurate digital temp sense < 1degree C tolerance
  • Constant monitoring and control of system voltages, fan speed, operation, and temperature.
  • Onboard Ethernet 10/100, RS-232, and USB provide local/remote communication
  • True HTML front end
  • Alarms for multiple email addresses, SMS, + Audible and optical alarm output
  • Programmable IP address by direct connection
  • Onboard I²C bus input/output channel for external devices
  • Security including password protection
  • Flash programmable for upgrades via a secure web site and embeded uploader program.
  • Additional serial on board serial printer port

Standard Enclosures

  • Cabinet Systems
  • System technology
  • 19” Wall-Mounting Enclosures
  • 19" Enclosure Systems
  • 19” Plug-in Units
  • 19” Subracks
  • Desktop Enclosures
  • Small Cases
  • Panel Instrument Cases
  • DIN rail case
  • Network Technology
  • LAN-Office
  • Display Enclosures
  • Special Enclosures
  • Accessories
Standard Enclosures

Standard Backplanes and Systems

  • VME
  • VXI
  • cPCI
  • PXI
  • VITA 41
  • VITA 47
  • Ruggedised Subracks & Card Cages
  • ATR Chassis
  • System Monitoring and Control Extender Cards and Accessories

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Prototyping Products

  • Veroboard/Stripboard prototyping board
  • Electronic Prototyping boards in Eurocard & other formats (breadboards)
  • Extender Boards for DIN41612 connectors (Eurocard format), 64/64 double-sided boards to 96/96, 6 layer multilayers
  • Backplanes, Eurocard formats (DIN 41612 connectors) with and without Press Fit connectors
  • Pins, including Loop Terminal assemblies for test points, solder pins, pcb test points,wire wrap pins etc.
  • Wiring systems, such as Verowire wiring pen, wire spools
  • IBM Brackets: a full range of high quality brackets for PC cards with various cut-outs


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