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Essentra Components a global provider of small, essential components from 48 facilities located in 33 countries. We work with 70% of the world’s top 100 global manufacturers*, offering:

  • Free samples
  • Free CAD downloads
  • Custom solutions
  • 1 billion parts in stock
  • 35,000 products
  • Same day despatch

Our expertise ranges across multiple industries. We help some of the biggest names in electronics, equipment manufacturing, POS & retail, vehicles and logistics.

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Essentra Components UK: Contact us

Caps & Plugs

Protect vital components during shipment and storage, guard pipes against contaminants, and mask threads during finishing processes with our protective plastic caps and plugs.

We offer a selection that includes standard push fit and threaded caps and plugs, bolt and screw caps, and high temperature masking products. Our range includes caps to fit UNF, JIC, and BSP threads with an easy-to-grip head design for efficient installation and removal.


Our fasteners include washers, screws, nuts and bolts as well as rivets, furniture fixings, and threaded inserts.

Washers, Spacers & Bushings- Washers are used to reduce wear, prevent a bolt or nut from damaging the object being fastened or to reduce loosening via vibrations. Spacers are used to gap two components, ideal for circuit boards, or creating a space between to objects or materials. Our plastic spacers are ideal as they are non-conductive and non-corrosive. Bushings are used to reduce friction and minimize vibrations. We offer metal and a various types of plastic materials in our washers, spacers and fasteners ranges.

Nuts- Used to secure fasteners, Essentra offers both standard nuts, such as domed, wing and hex nuts, as well as a large selection of speciality nuts, including grommet nuts, button thread nuts, and tooling nuts.

Rivets - Need a quick-fitting fastener? We have a large selection of rivets, including push-in, screw-in and snap together types. The beauty of using a rivet is that they offer a complete fixing solution in one product, saving you time when securing your product in situ.

Screws- Secured with or without nuts, we offer screws and bolts with imperial and metric threads. We carry many standard types, such as hex-head screws, as well as specialty fasteners such as tooling bolts. Also available with countersunk, cheese-head or slotted, Essentra’s screws are available for all application requirements.

Furniture Fixings- Our range of furniture fixings were designed for ready-to-assemble furniture and include cams, shelf supports and KD fittings.


Access Hardware

Essentra Components has a large selection of Access Hardware, helping you to provide secure access to critical machine components, electrical boxes, and other protected entry areas. Hardware that you can find are latches and locks, door stays, drawer slides and hinges, panel fasteners and even inspection windows. We provide an extensive access hardware offering to fit machines, enclosures, HVAC, generators and specialist vehicles.

Knobs, Handles & Grips

Knobs, handles and grips are essential components to enhance our Access Hardware offering. The range covers a vast array of hand grip designs which provide solutions across a number of applications, industries and environments. Our materials and designs combine functionality with aesthetic features to ensure safety and durability.

Fiber, Wire & Cable Management

Protect vulnerable fibres and cables by using our fiber and cable management solutions to prevent damage and minimise costly downtime. 

Our Cable Management range can protect and guide your cables. Whether you require management of single or multiple cables, permanent or temporary control, protection or strain relief of moving cables as well as entry protection and guidance.

Fiber, Wire & Cable Management

PCB & Electronics Hardware

Essentra offers a range of accessories for PCB, fans and LEDs.  Our PCB range includes mounting boards, PCB supports and spacers and standoffs with LED Hardware including lens holders, spacers and mounts as well as light pipes.  Our fan accessories provide protection and mounting applications suitable for industrial and computing applications such as air conditioning and heaters.

Feet, Casters & Glides

Our Feet are ideal for levelling items resting on uneven floors, for wooden cabinets, equipment enclosures, and free-standing electrical / electronic equipment. Our PVC and stick-on feet and buffers are ideal for protecting floor surfaces and giving extra stability.

Glides are lightweight feet, with a smooth, quiet and continuous motion. Low-profile and fast fitting, glides are ideal for furniture and kitchen appliances. With self-adhesive, screw-in or nail fittings, the quick fit design makes these products easy to apply.

Essentra's range of Casters are suitable for many different applications. Twin wheel casters are produced in numerous combinations of wheel and stem. Our range of casters are available in twin or single wheels, and medium or light duty. They are ideal for office furniture, shop fitting and catering. They can also be used with light-duty medical apparatus. Industrial casters are also available and come in various wheel types and fitting styles for heavy duty applications.

Flange Protection

Essentra Flange Protection provides a guard against dirt ingress, corrosion and moisture. The range includes full face protection, bore protection and bevel protection. Profiles will allow protection during manufacturing treatments such as paint and sand blasting, transit and storage.

A wide offering in materials, sizes and standards are available to suit most standard pipe flange and wall thicknesses, with different pressure ratings. We offer solutions for any application subjected to demanding and hazardous conditions such as exposure to temperature, ozone and weather, oil, acids and many others.

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