Essex Safety Glass Ltd

ESG is one of the UK’s leading independent glass processing specialists. With a rapidly expanding product portfolio, ESG now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of glass available in the country, from architectural glazing panels and fire resistant safety glass through to highly technically advanced switchable LCD privacy glass. ESG has grown rapidly in recent years through significant investment in leading edge technology and the establishment of an experienced team of glass specialists dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in quality and customer service.

Specialist Glass Experts

By listening to customer needs, it has developed a range of problem solving glasses which open up new possibilities in architecture, construction, interior design and retail display. ESG provides innovative products, from fire resistant safety glass and toughened laminated glass to high security glass and designer glass that satisfy the increasingly challenging demands of Building Regulations and legislation.

Tested And Approved

In addition to national coverage, all products are tested and approved to national and international standards for their respective applications. ESG supports this with a wealth of expertise and advice, and a professional and friendly approach, developing good working relationships with customers, and mutually beneficial partnerships which get the job done.

Among its high tech product ranges are:

Toughened Laminated Safety Glass

ESG Tufflam™ toughened laminated glass: a range of structural glasses which allow the installer to interpret and realise the concepts of architects pushing the building envelope. Tufflam satisfies all the safety glazing requirements of Approved Document N of the building regulations and BS 6262 part 4.

Fire Resistant Safety Glass

ESG Pyrotech™ fire resistant safety glass: a comprehensive choice of in-house manufactured and processed products which provide integrity only or insulation and integrity for effective fire resistance. Also available combined with high security and sound control options.

• ESG Pyrotech Safe™: A toughened laminated fire resistant glass, laminated to produce a highly resilient panel
• ESG Pyrotech Secure™: Part of the Secured By Design range, Pyrotech Secure offers a higher level of resistance against manual attack
• ESG Pyrotech Acoustic™: Incorporating special interlayers to provide the highest dB performance from the thinnest panel
• ESG Pyrotech Privacy™: Glass panel that can be made clear or opaque at the flick of a switch
• ESG Pyrotech Ultimate™: Provides security, privacy, safety and acoustic properties

SCHOTT Fire Resistant Safety Glass

ESG also supplies Schott fire resistant products:
Schott Pyranova® – a clear multiply laminated glass for fire resistant glazing, combining integrity and insulation performance and impact protection.
Schott Pyran® S – a fire resistant glass for architectural glazing applications
Schott Pyran® S is the only borosilicate glass made by the float glass process. It is a product that combines outstanding resistance to heat and thermal shock with the excellent optical quality of float glass providing distortion-free vision. And, as it is not wired or laminated, it stays clear at all times - even when subjected to fire.

Security Glass

ESG Secure™ High security glass:
• ESG Secure™ 356 is the only manual attack resistant glass to be recognised and approved by ‘Secured by Design’, the crime reduction initiative of the Association of Chief Police Officers. This is ideal for external doors and windows, vehicle screens, security screens in banks, post offices etc, office partitioning, curtain walling, prison screens, overhead glazing and areas requiring security from physical attack.

Intruder Resistant High Security Glass

• ESG Secure™ LPS1270 manual attack resistant glass is a new glass developed by ESG to combat serious crime and terrorist threats. The product is widely specified for external doors and windows in high security commercial and public sector premises; premises which require protection from determined intruders; security screens in detention centres and prisons; screening in mental health facilities at risk from accidental damage and challenging behaviour; glazing for displays of high value items; aquaria and zoos; viewing panels in secure areas in potential terrorist targets such as water treatment plant inspection panels; areas which represent a potential target for the ‘professional’ criminal; and areas at risk from extreme vandalism.

Bullet Resistant Glass

ESG Ballistic™ bullet resistant glass: a range of ‘no spall’ glass to provide protection against a range of firearms while safeguarding bystanders from glass fragmentation. ESG Ballistic™ bullet resistant glass was developed for the security market by the team at ESG. Through extensive research and stringent testing, ESG developed Ballistic™ bullet resistant glass as part of its innovative high security product range.

ESG Ballistic™ bullet resistant glass provides high level security glazing with a defined resistance against the firing of specified weapons and ammunition. Created from layers of laminated glass and specialist interlayers, ESG Ballistic™ is manufactured under ESG’s exacting quality controlled methods. This bullet resistant glazing is specially designed to absorb both the impact and the enormous energy of a projectile, and to contain it within the glass panel. This affords protection to those on the other side of the glass, preventing life threatening injuries. ESG’s combined expertise and experience has enabled the team to reduce construction thicknesses, making ESG Ballistic™ thinner and lighter than standard products on offer in the marketplace, with superior light transmission as an added bonus.

Designer Glass

ESG Visionary™ designer glass: a unique range of special effect glasses, including switchable privacy glass, LED light glass, holographic glass, clear projection screen glass, alphanumeric display glass and multi coloured display glass.

LCD Privacy Glass

• ESG Polyvision™: Where discretion is vital, ESG - Polyvision™ gives you the choice of privacy or the public gaze at the flick of a switch. Normally a diffused white which acts as a screen, this LCD glass can be made transparent simply by passing an electric current through it.

LED Glass

• ESG Polymagic™: Developed by ESG using a special patented technology this creative product incorporates LEDs, light sources or electronic materials into glass panels to create distinctive patterns images and logos.

Holographic Glass

• ESG Polyholo™: This is a newly-patented technology that creates unique glass panels embedded with holographic patterns. It provides a variety of colourful, attractive and eye-catching patterns (stock patterns or custom patterns available).

Decorative Glass

• ESG Polyflush™: Polyflush™ Glass reveals different colours when viewed from various angles. It has no metal contaminants, no oxidation problem and provides up to 99% UV protection. This is an attractive, eye-catching material with a unique presentation facility that will enhance your most imaginative product displays.

Display Glass

• ESG Polynano™: Polynano™ Glass features a specially developed interlayer made up of individual cells that can be programmed to display alpha numerical information.

Projection Glass

• ESG Polyscreen™: By laminating with a special projector film, ESG has created a clear glass panel, onto which advertising, logos, movies and presentations may all be projected with ease.

Ultimate Versatility

ESG Ultimate versatility: by skilful use of highly advanced technical interlayers, ESG can combine several properties in a single glass panel, to provide any combination of safety, security, fire resistance, sound attenuation, fire resistance, privacy and even bullet resistance in one product.

Glass Products

The ESG complete portfolio of products and specialist processes includes:

4mm-19mm clear float
4mm-19mm low iron
4mm-19mm satin
4mm-19mm tint
6.4mm-12.8mm clear laminated
6.4mm-12.8mm acoustic laminated
6.4mm-12.8mm diffuser laminated
6.4mm-12.8mm tinted laminated
6mm Georgian safety wired polished plate

4mm-10mm blue
4mm & 6mm silver mirror
ESG Pyrotech™ fire resistant glass
ESG Pyrotech™ versatile laminated range
Schott Pyranova® insulating fire glass
Schott Pyran S fire resistant glass
ESG Secure EN356 and LPS 1270
ESG Ballistic bullet resistant glass
ESG Visionary range

In-House Specialist Processes

PVB/EVA laminating
Vanceva colour film laminating
DuPont™ SentryGlas® (SGP Interlayer)
Back painting
Screen printing
Heat soaking
Heat strengthening
CNC processing (4.5m x 2.5m)
Multi-ply laminate cutting and processing

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