ESTS Logiclave


Established in 2003 with the vision of becoming the manufacturer that best provides innovative and high quality autoclaves in the UK - ESTS are a Northamptonshire based service provider and manufacturer of autoclaves and steam sterilizers ranging from 100 to 6000Litre capacity for the healthcare, research and scientific laboratory sectors.

Our standard range of high quality autoclaves include:

  • Logiclave LAB Freestanding Autoclaves (100 to 300L)
  • Logicalve Laboratory Autoclaves (300 to 6000L)
  • Logiclave Clinical / Porous Load Sterilsers (600 / 800L)


Freestanding Autoclaves

Our range of freestanding autoclaves available in standard cylindrical and rectangular chamber sizes from 100 to 300 litres capacity and intended to suit a wide variety of modern laboratory applications.

This range compliments our current range of large capacity rectangular section autoclaves and utilises the same proven and easy to use Logiclave control system.

Nominal Chamber Sizes (Cylindrical Vessels):

  • 100 Litres - 500mm Diameter x 500mm Deep
  • 145 Litres - 500mm Diameter x 750mm Deep
  • 200 Litres - 500mm Diameter x 1000mm Deep

Nominal Chamber Sizes (Rectangular Vessels):

  • 150 Litres - 600mm High x 500mm Wide x 500mm Deep
  • 225 Litres - 600mm High x 500mm Wide x 750mm Deep
  • 300 Litres - 600mm High x 500mm Wide x 1000mm Deep

Overall Nominal Dimensions (HWD):

  • Single Door Logiclave   - 1900 x 730 x 1350mm
  • Double Door Logiclave - 1900 x 730 x 1310mm

Where required, the autoclave can be provided with a fully integrated high efficiency steam generator.

The ‘on demand’ steam generation system incorporates an exceptionally low water content heat exchanger, PID controller and a fully automatic blow-down system.  It requires very low maintenance and there is no requirement for independent boiler insurance inspections.

Freestanding Autoclaves

Laboratory Autoclaves

Our Logiclave Laboratory Autoclave is intended for processing a wide range of materials found in today’s modern laboratory environment including :

  • Sealed culture media
  • Unsealed culture media
  • Fluids
  • Plastic and mixed discards
  • Fabrics
  • Glassware
  • Equipment
  • Utensils

The chamber, jacket and doors are manufactured from minimum 6mm thick high grade 316L stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

Other process contact materials are generally of conventional copper and brass construction although where appropriate, hygienic stainless steel is also used.

Each stage of the vessel manufacturing process is witnessed and certified by an independent Insurance Company who also verifies the materials used, welder qualifications, weld procedures and acceptance of hydrostatic pressure test.

The autoclave control system is based on the following hardware components:

  • Rugged industrial PLC type controller
  • Analogue input module
  • Temperature input modules
  • Digital input modules
  • Digital output modules
  • Full colour operator interface (Touch sensitive screen)
  • Independent data recorder (Where specified)

The control system software has been specifically developed for the precision control of the autoclave process.

Program configuration, initiation and monitoring of the process are all possible through the ergonomically designed operator interface.

Laboratory Autoclaves