ETA Enclosures UK Ltd


We are leaders in the UK enclosures market and part of our extensive stock range includes varying options for wall-mounted box enclosures.

Our wall-mounted box enclosures include models considered to be among the best on the market. The 'ST' range is well-engineered with many user friendly accessories. Three standard versions are available.

Free Standing Cabinet Enclosures

Our extensive supply and stock range also extends to options in free standing cabinet enclosures. Our wide ranging and varied designs in free standing cabinet enclosures suit small to medium size enclosure solutions and have a number of enhanced features usually only found on larger cabinets.

The range includes:

  • Desk enclosures and console enclosures
  • Stainless steel enclosures
  • PC enclosures

Modular Console Enclosures

We have a broad variety of modular console enclosures available in differing designs and finishes including mild steel and stainless steel.

Our supply of modular console enclosures includes particularly robust products offering convenient operator use as well as providing a high level of quality and flexible mounting variations.

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Our guarantee and ethos is to provide quality, performance and reliability and this extends to our range of stainless steel enclosures.

Our stainless steel enclosures range from small terminal boxes through to modular cabinet systems. No matter what your requirement may be, we will have the product and solutions for you.

Polyester Box Enclosures

Our polyester box enclosures (glass reinforced polyester) provide the ultimate level of style and protection and come with a wide variety of user friendly accessories.

Our supply of polyester box enclosures also offer the benefit of effective corrosion resistance for electrical and electronic controls in harsh environments.

PC Enclosures

For the most comprehensive solutions in PC enclosures, we have the service to suit all of your requirements. Our extensive range of PC enclosures includes PC cabinets designed to protect computer monitors, keyboards and CPU's in industrial environments.

These stylised cabinets are available as both free-standing and pendant mounted, and are available in a number of differing sizes. They have a number of industry specific accessories.

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