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We specialise in an extensive variety of chemical dosing equipment. Our experience with chemical dosing equipment includes particular expertise in chemical dosing metering pumps, controllers and chemical dosing systems.

We provide comprehensive solutions in automated chemical dosing, chemical dispensing diaphragm and peristaltic pumps. No matter what your chemical dosing needs may be, we will have the solutions and expertise to match your every requirement.

Motor Driven Pumps

Included in our leading range of chemical dosing equipment are various options in motor driven pumps.

Our motor driven pumps include the OD series, compact mechanical diaphragm motor driven dosing pumps. These motor driven pumps use a spring return mechanism and a high torque electric motor. We also supply the 1D series of motor driven pumps. They are larger mechanical diaphragm dosing pumps with a stroke length spring return controlled by an eccentric mechanism.

Solenoid Metering Pumps

We specialise in solenoid metering pumps. Solenoid metering pumps we have particular expertise in include the innovative and extensive Etatron PKX and DLX solenoid metering chemical dosing pump range.

With a variety of liquid ends, capacity setting and control options, the solenoid metering pumps range of PKX and DLX pumps provides an optimal choice for chemical dosing applications.

Peristaltic Pumps

We specialise in peristaltic pumps. These peristaltic pumps operate on the suction-compression created by rotors on a Silicone or Santoprene® tube, often utilised for simple dosing application, water treatment and laundry systems.

This line of peristaltic pumps includes peristaltic dosing pumps with a fixed constant or variable flow (0 to 100%).

Microprocessor-Based Controllers

We specialise and supply microprocessor-based controllers. Our microprocessor-based controllers includes the AG-Select series, the top of the range high tech microprocessor-based controllers.

These controllers are specifically designed to measure and control pH, Rx (Redox Potential) and chlorine.

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