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Etch on Glass and Blasted Glass Company specialise in the supply and engraving of glassware and trophies.

We specialise in the engraving of Glassware such as Personalised Champagne Flutes, Decanters, Beer glasses , rose bowls, vases, and glass trophies.

It stocks a wide range of trophies and glassware for engraving and etching.

All artwork, stencil making and engraving are carried out by skilled craftsmen 'in house'. As nothing is subcontracted we can offer a fast turnaround and monitor quality very precisely.

As well as supplying engraved products we also engrave/etch customers' own goods.

Masonic Glassware

Masonic Paperweights 

Many other styles of Masonic Glassware and Masonic Crystal are available, including a large range of Masonic Paperweights.  The most popular of Masonic Paperweights are the Oval and Round. There are also many forms of lead crystal and optical crystal Masonic Paperweights too.

Your Masonic Paperweights can feature your Lodge Crest, or one of our standard square and compass designs, deeply engraved into the glass - and commemorative text can be added too.  When you order your Masonic Paperweights, you will find there are various text styles to choose from, to suit formal and informal Lodge occasions.

Masonic Glassware  

Possibly the largest range of Masonic Glassware in the UK is available to you from our online Shop, where we feature the superb value for money 'Balmoral Glass' Firing Glass.  The Firing Glass, like most other forms of Masonic Glassware, is available in a variety of packaging, including a Satin Box for special Masonic Gifts and Presentations.

The 'Balmoral Glass' Firing Glass can be deep engraved with your Lodge Crest and sufficient space is also available for commemorative words, celebrating a Lodge's Anniversary or initiation of a member.  The Firing Glass is robust and features the correct capacity of 4 fl. oz.

Order Firing Glasses today, either with your Lodge Crest (upload the image via the order form) or with one of our standard square and compass designs.  Discounts apply for quantities, but bear in mind that each Firing Glass is individually engraved by sandblasting.  Sandblasting the design and text deep into the glass provides the best finish, with crisp lines.

Masonic Glassware

Corporate Awards

Glass, Crystal and Optical Crystal Corporate Awards

Etch on Glass offer a wide selection of Corporate Awards, all expertly engraved and packaged via our specialist division ‘The Crystal Glass Engraver’. Although there are a variety of product types to choose from, it is the ranges of Optical Crystal Blocks, Flat Glass Awards and Hand-made Rock Tablets that lend themselves so well to most areas of corporate recognition.

Choose from our extensive range of stocked products, or let us help you design and manufacture a unique, bespoke award for an extra special presentation.

Whether it is a presentation for a Blue Chip multi-national, or a ‘Thank you’ from a Sole Proprietor, our sales team will help you select the best option to suit the occasion and your budget.


Your Logo or Corporate Identity will be faithfully reproduced by our in-house team of design experts.  We can help you with the all-important words, if you can’t quite envisage the message you would like engraved. Digital proofs of design and artwork layouts can be provided, if requested, enabling you to approve the final layouts.

With our care and corporate expertise, we will help your company present a brand conscious, high quality gift, to your Boss, Staff, Suppliers, Customers, Partners, Guests or any other deserving recipient.

Engraving Glass & Crystal

Our quality of Corporate Awards is matched by our quality of Glass Engraving. For engraved glass and crystal products, we use the sandblasting method.  This enables us to engrave fine detail, but with a deep, crisp, and even finish.  We believe this is the best way to permanently decorate glass and crystal products.

See both and  for our full range of glassware.

Corporate Awards

Glass & Crystal Sports Trophies

Glass and Crystal Sports Trophies

The Engraving

State of the art sandblasting equipment is installed in-house to provide the finest possible quality deep engraved glass and crystal. Club Crests, Corporate Logos and/or a variety of sporting images can be engraved deeply into glass and crystal.
Combined with suitable wording, these products make the most sought-after Sports Trophies.

 Glass Engraver for Sports Trophies

The Range

Simply said, The Crystal Glass Engraver utilises a vast range of glass and crystal in a variety of qualities:

Jade Edged Glass, hand and machine made (a vast range of Jade Edged Trophies)
Soda Glass, mass machine made (some Tumblers and Tankards). A Budget Conscious option.
Soda Glass, machine made (many items of Stemware - wine glasses, champagne flutes). Better Quality and still Budget Conscious.
Soda Glass, high quality machine made (typically Italian Stemware). Superb Quality.
Crystal, hand and machine made (from Stemware to Bowls and Decanters). A variety of qualities.
24% Lead Crystal, hand and machine made (covering a spectrum of shapes). A variety of qualities.
24% Lead Crystal, hand made (offering top-of-the-range quality, with real Weight). The Best!
Optical Crystal, hand made (Blocks, Flat Glass, Desk Top, Sports Awards, Medals). Affordable Luxury

Glass & Crystal Sports Trophies

Glassware for Social Clubs & Societies

Social Clubs & Societies

We currently offer the following specialist pages regarding Engraved Glass and Engraved Crystal for Social Clubs and Societies:

Firing Glass

Masonic Glassware

UGLE Tercentenary Celebrations

Masonic Ladies Night Gifts

Engraved Glass for Social Clubs & Societies

Etch on Glass and The Crystal Glass Engraver offer you a very large range of glass and crystal in the Shop, almost all items being suitable for bespoke engraving for any presentation, award or trophy your Club or Society requires.

Engraved glass makes every event special, because it combines the prestige of your Club or Society crest, with suitable text, to commemorate the occasion.  Perfect packaging completes the effect.


Presentation glass Rock Tablet for Rotary International

The prestige of having your own Club or Society Crest engraved.

The Crystal Glass Engraver produces engraved glass you can dig your fingernail into.  Crisp lines are formed from perfect artwork and we can help with this, Rhys being our resident graphic artist.  Once produced, your artwork is kept on permanent file, for future use.  Dozens of different text styles are available (you do not have to choose the 'standard' ones..!) and proofs are readily available.  You are guaranteed satisfaction on every engraved glass order you receive from us..!

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any question.  We are a friendly, professional team, who take pride in what we produce and understand very well the power of 'word of mouth'..!

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Glassware for Social Clubs & Societies


We have been specialising in the supplying, manufacturing & engraving of sports trophies, medals, plaques, gifts, awards, cups & crystal glass for sports and achievement awards for over 25 years. We are specialists in computer engraving and glass engraving.

We can supply & engrave any sports trophies or awards requirement, whether it's for your corporate day, your clubs annual presentation or just a small trophy for that special occasion.

If you can't find the item you are looking for then try our search engine or contact us for resin trophies, football trophies, rugby trophies, golf trophies, darts trophies, snooker & pool trophies, swimming medals, silver cups or annual shields etc.

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