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At ETP Card Processing, we offer the SNAP Account as a national parking and HGV vehicle washing account. The SNAP Account is designed to eliminate the need for your drivers to carry cash and also record receipts.

Your drivers use their HGV vehicle washing account by supplying their registration number so that the fleet operator is billed for the service used.

Vehicle registrations can be added or removed easily, and your account will be updated within a day. You can even set washing limits on each vehicle to meet your requirements.

HGV Parking Account

Your drivers can use their HGV parking account to park their vehicles in locations situated throughout the UK. They simply pay for parking on arrival by using the vehicle registration registered on the SNAP Account.

By using the SNAP Account cashless payment, you can keep control of your HGV parking account. An online account page displays a live list of transactions made so that you can keep track of your expenses.

HGV Parking Account

Cashless Payment for HGV Parking and Washing

The SNAP Account offers cashless payment for HGV parking and washing facilities throughout the UK. It uses vehicle registration numbers to bill fleet operators weekly for any services used.

We offer a network of over 100 sites in the UK for HGV parking and washing, these even include exclusive prebookable parking sites only for SNAP users.   

By using cashless payment for HGV parking and washing your drivers do not need to carry cash or keep receipts, saving you money on administration cost.

By using the SNAP Account APP, your drivers can easily locate washing and parking facilities that accept the SNAP Account payment system near their destination and also keep track of their expenses.

Cashless Payment for HGV Parking and Washing
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