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We are a leading supplier of a wide range of polythene extruded products.

Based in the Midlands and with over 20 years of experience, we specialise in layflat tubing. We have significant and leading manufacturing experience with layflat tubing and all other related products.

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Polythene Bags and Plastic Bags

As a leading Midlands-based supplier of an extensive range of extruded products, as well as layflat tubing, we also specialise in polythene bags and plastic bags.

With our supply of polythene bags and plastic bags, many different sizes are available and your order is fully customisable.

For more information on polythene bags, visit our website.

Garment Film and Garment Covers

We supply garment film and garment covers to protect items during delivery and storage. Our garment film and garment covers are available is a wide range of lengths, widths and depths to meet your individual requirements.

Pallet Wrap

We manufacture and supply pallet wrap. For pallet wrap, we provide a highly flexible custom manufacturing service as well as free delivery on all orders within 50 miles of Birmingham.

This unique and flexible service extends to our full range of products and services.

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Bubble Wrap

As well as pallet wrap, we also manufacture, stock and supply bubble wrap. With our bubble wrap and all other extruded products, we aim to produce and deliver high quality goods at highly competitive prices.

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Polythene Packaging

We always aim to produce the most comprehensive and versatile packaging solutions, a commitment covering our vast supply of polythene packaging.

With our polythene packaging and related products, we supply to a number of industries including garment processing, clothing and textiles, packaging, pharmaceutical, and steel.

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We are suppliers of an immense variety of tape. Our supply of tape is available in an extensive variety of sizes, grades and styles, with all possible application requirements met.

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Safety Wear

As well as polythene bags, tape, tubing and wrap products, we also have options in safety wear. Our safety wear is suited to numerous requirements, and all products are manufactured to the highest quality.

For more information on safety wear, visit our website.

Refuse Sacks

Our vast product range also includes refuse sacks. Our refuse sacks are available in boxes of 200 and versatile custom options are available. You can specify the length, depth, width and gauge with our refuse sacks.

For more information on refuse sacks, visit our website.

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