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At Euronetwork, we have a huge range of wall plates. Our products, made from a variety of materials, are designed to help create functionality in your workspace.

We have wall plates with:

  • Inputs built in
  • Fully assembled versions with cables attached
  • Blank plates ready for soldering

Clip In Euro Modules

Our Clip In Euro Modules allow you a quick and easy solution to managing wiring and cabling. They offer a unique solution when traditional wall plates are not possible.

These clip in modules are available in:

  • Assembled modules - complete with pre-soldered cables
  • Loaded modules - connections and couplers, but no cables
  • Blank modules - ready for you to add your own hardware.
  • Screw terminal modules - cables to be installed without the need for soldering


We supply a variety of cables to meet your needs. In a range of sizes, configurations and specifications, our cables are designed to be long lasting and robust.

Please visit our website to browse our selection of:

  • HDMI cables
  • Audio video cables
  • Data cables


HDMI, or high definition multimedia interface, supplies audio and video information through one cable. These cables are the standard for home entertainment systems and high-end visual displays.

We supply an extensive range of HDMI products including:

  • HDMI cables
  • HDMI adaptors
  • HDMI switches and splitters
  • HDMI panel mount leads

Converter Plugs

With a global electronics market, converter plugs are essential for exporting goods into foreign markets.

We offer converter plugs for Europe, North America, the Far East, Australia, South Africa, and India. All our plugs meet relevant safety standards.

Power Cords

We stock a fantastic variety of power cords to help keep your electrical devices and appliances in full working order.

Our supply of power cords include:

  • UK power cords
  • International power cords
  • IEC connectors


USB cables are ideal for use with mobile phones, digital cameras and printers. They are one the fastest ways to transmit information to and from your peripheral equipment and your PC. We have a complete range for USB adapters, switches and converters available. Please visit our website for more information.

European Electrical

We pride ourselves in providing equipment that increases the ease of business across Europe. We stock European electrical items and products specifically designed with functionality in mind.

We has a large range of European electrical products including rewireable plugs, plug adaptors, extensions leads and power cables. We have bulk pricing options available.

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