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Europa Bioproducts Ltd has been a European distributor and privately-owned bioproducts company for over 20 years. We know it is important to give every single customer the best possible service. Europa Bioproducts Ltd has a dedicated customer service team who can help you to find the correct product at a fair price. We even offer free delivery to UK research organisations.


For over 10 years, we have supplied a wide range of biochemicals to companies who manufacture diagnostic reagent kits. We supply biochemicals in bulk and can repackage non-sterile products to meet your requirements.  

Our main products include:

  • Coenzymes
  • Liquid stable substrates
  • Streptavidin
  • Streptavidin conjugates
  • Substrates
  • Trinder reagents


We distribute Fitzgerald Industries International Inc antibodies around the UK. We combine the products to supply a excellent range of primary antibodies for research and diagnostics. 

We have a wide range of primary antibodies including:

  • Animal and veterinary products
  • Bone and metabolism products
  • Cardiac markers
  • Enzyme products
  • Fertility and pregnancy products
  • Glycoconjugates
  • Human serum proteins
  • Immunoglobulins
  • Infectious disease products
  • Lectins
  • Neuroscience products
  • Proliferation antigens
  • Steroids
  • Thyroid products
  • Tumour and cancer markers

Host Cell Protein Analysis

We carry out host cell protein analysis as an essential part of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

We can provide you with host cell protein analysis kits including:

  • E.coli HCP ELISA
  • Protein A ELISA
  • P.pastoris HCP ELISA
  • Human IgG ELISA
  • Human IgA ELISA
  • Human Serum Albumin ELISA
  • Bovine Serum Albumin ELISA


We are the main distributor for ProZyme Inc in Europe. We provide convenient glycobiology kits for testing glycoprotines. The glycobiology range includes clean up cartridges, HPLC columns and enzymes. If you require more information on any of our products, feel free to contact our customer services team who will be happy to help.

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