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Welcome to the Europac Precision website, where you will find a comprehensive range of Tesa metrology measuring instruments. Europac Precision is the only place where you can purchase the full range of metrology instruments online, including Tesa Micrometers; Tesa Bore Gauges, Tesa Calipers, Tesa Surface Finish and Tesa Height Gauges. Nearly all of the instruments you will find on this website are Swiss made providing an outstanding price, performance relationship.

Standard Gage is our new range of handheld measuring instruments. This exciting range includes a low cost alternative for micrometers, vernier calipers, dial gauges and electronic scribers. Please look out for out seasonal special offers for discounted prices.   Europac precision is also now offering the full range of Tesa CMM touch probes. These are a cost effective alternative to traditional tactile probing solutions and styli.

Calipers Cheshire

Calipers are the most popular length measuring instruments used worldwide. Owing to their simple construction, ease of handling and quick operation, they are the favourites in dimensional measurement. The wide variety of forms and shapes available with exclusive measuring faces make them the universal hand held tools. Europac Precision can now offer an extensive range of digital electronic calipers, dial calipers, vernier calipers, and calipers with special design to measure those difficult pieces.


The introduction of the micrometer to the mechanical world came about by the visit of the two american engineers Joseph R. Brown and Lucian Sharpe to the Paris Exhibition in 1867. At that time, their attention was called to the Palmer's invention, which greatly interested them. After some improvements of the Palmer design, the product was manufactured on a large scale and marketed successfully by the two partners.

The story repeated in the past as TESA SA decided to manufacture external micrometers making them the first products produced by the company. Yet no matter what you measure - internal or external dimensions - all TESA and ETALON micrometers are world-class products in design and quality.

Internal Measurement

Internal measuring of bores is more demanding than external measurement of work pieces. Not only the tight tolerances given for the measuring job must be respected, but also the measuring components that have a direct influence on the uncertainty of measurement must be designed in such a way that they can enter into the bore to be checked.

Measuring Instruments Crewe

Large sizes in mechanical engineering mean dimensions in excess of 500 mm. Besides various measurement procedures like those that apply large internal or external micrometers with two-point contact, tape rules (wrapping round the outside diameter), V-bases, rotating measuring disks (rolling-contact) and optical systems (triangulation with theodolites), resort is often to make use of simple testing means like fixed gauges (inside calliper gauges), gauge blocks combinations or telescopic adjustable gauges.

Electronic Indicators, Dial Gauges, Precision Indicators

As manufacturer of a full range of precision dial gauges for more than 50 years, we are able to provide you with a wide variety of models.

• Electronic indicators featuring a combined analogue/digital indication with the most up-to-date technology.
• Mechanical dial gauges with high-precision movement and smooth pointer revolution, double-action shockproof mechanisms as well as measuring spans up to 100 mm.

Dial Test Indicators - Lever Type

Dial Test Indicators - Perpendicular Model - TESATAST

These lever-type dial test indicators are especially intended for use on the shop floor or in the inspection room - Ideally suited for comparative measurements on a surface plate, for instance - Determine form, shape and position deviations as well as axial and runout errors.  
  • Bidirectional measuring with automatic reversal inside the movement.
  • Continuous clockwise pointer rotation providing error-free reading.
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields.
  • Jewelled movement with 7 rubies.
  • Ball-bearing lever system with measuring insert swivelling through to 240º.
  • Very low measuring force.
  • Full-metal construction giving exceptional robustness.
  • Monobloc housing with 3 countersunk dovetail attachments

Comparative Measurement

Thickness Gauge - INTERAPID - Regular Models, reading to 0.1mm

These gauges with a frame are specially made to measure the thickness of plastic parts as well as hard and soft materials such as glass, wood, paper, rubber, metal sheets etc.  All models have a dial that can be rotated for zero setting.

Measuring Stands and Auxiliary Fixtures

Stands for Dial Gauges and Comparators - Standard Gage

  • Dovetail clamp.
  • 8 mm diameter fixing bore.
  • Adherence on a flat surface = 588 N.

Straightness, Angle and Inclination Measurement

Irrespective of their type, all precision levels are based on long-time stabilisation and reliability, but also on a free measuring base - the centre of the earth. Due to the gravitation, the liquid with embedded bubble of gas or the gravity pendulum indicates the horizontal or vertical level based on this natural reference. Electronic inclinometers or spirit levels measure the position of the pendulum compared to the measuring faces fitted on the tool body.


TESA ClinoBEVEL 2 Electronic Inclinometers 

World-class model.  Tilting range ± 45 ° with inclination or angle units clearly displayed.  Integrated temperature compensation. Microprocessor-based auxiliaries allowing both display and tool setting .  Dual data output for comparative measurements etc,

Height Gauges

Height gauges are single-axis handtools made to measure on a surface plate, preferably in granite. The TESA-µHITE version being offered to you in this section clearly shows that combining a surface plate with any height gauge can create a whole measuring system.
Providing the needed versatility, they are well suited for dimensional inspection directly on a machine or a group of machines, usually during the various setting and sampling operations throughout the whole manufacturing process. They are specially made for checking parts that are difficult to machine due to their critical sizes.
TESA-HITE or TESA MICRO-HITE, whether manually operated or motor-driven, do not require
any special skills. Nearly everyone working in the workshop can use them easily.

CMM Probes

With the introduction of its comprehensive range of probe heads, TESA has proven its ability to develop high technology products, thus providing all operators with the accuracy and peace of mind they need. Each probe head embodies SWISS MADE mechanics along with sophisticated electronics.

Among other dedicated accessories for 3D measurement like the modular probe rack, this full range also incudes a wide variety of touch trigger probes and styli.

Optical Measuring Machines

Optical measuring machines for measuring small components using optical vision systems where conventional CMM tactile probing is not suitable. The Standard Gauge Visual 250 offers an excellent price/quality ratio.

Tesa Scan - Round Part Inspection

The whole TESA-Scan product line belongs to the range of dedicated non-contact opto-electronic measuring centres that provide Users with a complete solution for inspecting small round parts quickly. Including a variety of systems such as those usually integrated into profile projectors or microscopes, they offer the round part manufacturer a more capable alternative to traditional inspection methods. TESA's product range can measure shapes and sizes of round parts from 0.3 up to 80 mm in diameter, which can be as long as 500mm.


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