Welcome to Europac3D. With over 20 years experience in the field of 3D scanning and 3D printing and an install base of over 500 systems throughout the UK, we are recognised as one of the leading names in the 3D world.

As trusted resellers for the world’s leading suppliers of 3D equipment, we offer a full range of cutting-edge scanners, printers and accessories which we can install, maintain, and train staff in the usage of hardware and software.

But we don’t just supply equipment. We also provide a full 3D scanning, 3D printing and 3D inspection service either on site or at the Europac3D offices. We have scannned everything from tiny jewellery items to trains and from film stars to museum pieces.

Europac3D is an engineering-based company which is why our experienced applications engineers fully understand the technical constraints of modern technologies and can produce the highly accurate data files needed for inspection, reverse engineering, 3D printing, rotating web technology, animation rigging and much more.

3D Printer

Europac3D are the UK's main resellers of the complete 3DSystems range of 3D printers.

Whether the printed model is a tiny jewellery item or a full size, full-colour concept model, the 3DSystems range of printers are capable of tackling most jobs and print in a variety of materials including high-impact, high temperature resistant durable plastic for functional testing, cast-friendly wax for rapid-foundry production, and specialized materials for the manufacturing of jewellery and personalised medical devices.

The 3DSystems x60 Series uses a high-performance composite material for the purposes of full-colour concept models and prototypes. Print runs can range from a single item to multiple copies and Europac3D staff will 
advise clients on the most suitable printer for their needs.

3D Printer

3D Scanner

Europac3D are resellers a range of high-end professional scanners which are suitable for scanning almost any object in 3D. We also offer a full 3D scanning service either on site or at the Europac3D offices in Crewe.

For small items such as jewellery and dental products, the Rexcan DS2 and CS+ static scanners use white light and blue LED technology respectively and a two-axis rotating base to capture all surfaces.

In contrast, the Artec range of hand-held 3D scanners, which include the Eva and the new Spider, capture data in a similar way to a video camera with powerful software that aligns the captured frame data in real time.

Laser scanners such as the Kreon II Blue, when attached to portable measuring arms, are capable of highly accurate scanning of larger objects such as automotive, aerospace and power generation components. Europac3D also operate a Leica C10 laser scanner which is capable of scanning whole buildings. The portable arms are also used for precision inspection using probes.

With over 20 years experience in 3D scanning, Europac3D will advise which scanner is the most suitable for a certain project and will ensure clients receive realistic pricing guidelines and project timescales.

3D Scanner

Kreon Measuring Arms

Europac3D specialise in quality measuring arms and are the UK distributor for Kreon portable measuring arms and Kreon laser scanners. From our base in Crewe, Cheshire, we offer a full sale and service of the Kreon range, including calibration, service and repair, with ISO 9001 accreditation.

Kreon Ace range
The Kreon Ace is a temperature regulated carbon fibre measuring arm and can be used either in metrological departments or in a workshop environment. The Ace comes in a variety of 6 and 7 axes with exceptional accuracy.

For probing applications, the arm can be used in the field without power supply thanks to its integrated battery and wireless connection. Current Kreon 3D laser scanners, including the new Kreon Zephyr II and Zephyr II Blue, are easily integrated with the Kreon Ace arm. Scanners and probes (right) are plug-and-play and can be used in conjunction with most major application software.

Kreon Baces range
The Kreon Baces is a 3-Dimensional measuring arm and easy to use whether for touch probing or non-contact Kreon laser scanners.

This arm has an internal calibration secured by a mechanical architecture based on aluminum and carbon fibre materials, which make its structure extremely light and stable. Points are collected via an interchangeable two-button probe with a 7th axis and a handle that enables the interface of a Kreon laser scanner. It is interfaced with many measuring, CAO/CFAO and reverse engineering software.


Kreon Measuring Arms

3D Laser Scanning Services

We provide 3D laser scanning services and are a leading supplier of portable laser scanning systems used in industrial, film, forensic and heritage applications. Using the class-leading Kreon product range, we have the technical know-how to select the correct scanner and software for your application.

Kreon laser scanners are the choice for arm based systems with the Solano and Zephyr ranges capable of high-accuracy scanning and in the case of the Zephyr II Blue, the ability to scan highly reflective surfaces with no prior preparation.

3D Laser Scanning Services

3D Measurement Software

We have the ability to offer a wide range of software solutions to suit your measurement needs. Our in-house experts have over 30 years of experience in the metrology industry and can advise a suitable product whether it be for probing on a measuring arm or scanning applications, for inspection and reverse engineering.

3D Measurement Software

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning:

We have the broadest range of 3D scanning equipment available in the UK. From the scanning of small jewellery components through to large aerospace components, we select to the correct scanner to reverse engineer your component.

Output formats supported:

  • Point Cloud (.asc .xyz .txt)
  • Triangulated Mesh Surface (.stl .ply .obj .3ds .wrl)
  • Rapid Surface Models (.iges .step .x_t)
  • Parametric Solid Models with live transfer into Solidworks, UGS NX, Pro/E, AutoCAD and Catia V4
Reverse Engineering

Large Volume Measurements

Our large volume portable measuring systems offer the ability to measure from 3m to 100m and are typically used in aerospace, ship building and construction industries. Wireless probing technology allows the user to walk around large components measuring quickly and easily.

Large Volume Measurements
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