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Our EMI / RFI shielding enclosures involve constructing lead walls, making penetrations and forming lead baffles. Radiation shielding can entail 25kg chevron blocks, lead sheet or plates all in varying thicknesses dependent on the calculations of the Radiation Protection Advisor.

Our EMI / RFI shielding enclosures have walls built as a stand along partition or formed against an existing structural wall, and we can build up a decorative finish level. All our work is supported by a diversity of EEP radiation doors, including neutron.

Our linac bunker shielding uses microwave technology to accelerate electrons in order for them to collide with a heavy metal target and result in a release of high-energy x-rays and other types of radiation. Concrete is normally used to protect against radiation however we offer specialist shielding option to allow access routes to and within the bunker. These include manufacturing neutron shielded doors and lining passage ways with boronated polyethylene panels.

RF Shielded Doors

RF shielded doors are one of the most critical components of any shielding installation. We design and build a diversity of types, including hinged or sliding and manual or power operated.

Part of our RF shielded door design is to reduce maintenance requirements to a minimum and to ensure the shielding performance will be sustained during the lifetime of the door. This is of particular relevance for busy MRI rooms.

To ensure we deliver consistently high performing doors, we custom design and build doors for each individual application to customer specification.

Radiation Protection

Demanding procedures are implemented to ensure radiation protection and site work monitoring is enforced in order to maintain consistent high level. This is essential for radiation shielded areas where strict health physics rules apply.

Radiation protection also consists of installation performance testing. For MRI rooms and other RF shielded facilities this is an in-house activity conducted by our qualified staff. For ionising radiation shielded areas, any active testing is normally the responsibility of the user but we can undertake this if required.

Magnetic Shielding

A magnetic field is invisible force acting on ferromagnetic material and can be generated by a permanent magnet, a material with its own field or an electromagnet requiring an electric current to flow to create the field. Our magnetic shielding interest lies with the latter.

Direct current magnetic fields associated with MRI scanners are of particular relevance to the Healthcare sector and to ensure effective magnetic shielding MRI scanners must remain unaffected from any nearby moving ferrous mass passing by adjacent to the MRI room.

Magnetic shielding also means medical equipment in an adjacent area can function without interference and a safe environment is created for those fitted with electronic implants, such as pacemakers.

Electromagnetic Shielding

Electromagnetic shielding is designed to control the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation and magnetism in order to reduce phenomena to a safe, non-hazardous and acceptable limit.

In order for us to reach these conditions we place a suitable physical barrier of thick form and material between the source and the designated protected area. As a result we create a benign environment enabling product testing and research to be safely undertaken.

The choice of material for electromagnetic shielding is dependent on the intensity and classification of the radiation present, neutron scatter effect and any structural or physical constraints the area may have. However, the types of materials we have applied include lead, high density concrete, steel, or a combination of all three.

Radiation Shielding

As a radiation shielding provider we deal with the dynamics of a working site and completely understand the way radiation behaves and can quickly recognise matters of concern.

Our presence in critical areas allows us to regularly monitor radiation shielding and produce an effective action should a risk be identified, allowing local problems to be addressed quickly and corrected with minimal impact on the programme. 

Integrated Solutions

Integrated solutions are of particular benefit to large contractors with all operations centred at one location. The logistics of co-ordinating and consolidating work becomes simpler with integrated solutions. Therefore, we are ideally situated to amalgamate all individual EEP specialist elements into a common package.
The benefits gained by our integrated solutions include: 

  • Better client and contractor co-operation and understanding
  • Easier communications
  • Fewer packages to run and manage
  • Reduced client project management time
  • Cost optimisation

LED Lighting System

We are constantly pursuing ways to improve and enhance our products and services. Two major recent developments are our LED lighting systems.

Our LED lighting system is designed to safely and effectively function within high intensity magnetic environments found in MRI rooms. It is a low energy device providing variable, flickerless and comfortable levels of light. It can also act as a self contained emergency lighting system.

Helium Quench Pipe Systems

Helium Quench pipe systems form an essential safety part of any MRI scanner installation. In an emergency the liquid helium used in the scanner can be vented directly to the atmosphere, a violent and traumatic process.

Therefore, it is paramount the quench pipe system is professionally engineered and installed.

Advisory and Consultancy Service

Our advisory and consultancy service offers site testing services and contractors and quantity surveyors to provide impartial advice regarding installation specifications.

Our advisory and consultancy services pay particular focus on achieving superior shielding performance, identifying areas needing attention and noting critical areas needing more careful monitoring during the build period.

Health & Safety

We operate a rigorous health and safety policy, taking appropriate precautions to ensure the proper handling and storage of lead and other materials on site at all times.

This is in addition to meeting the normal health and safety practices and standards demanded by statute.

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