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Here at European SprayDry Technologies, we have developed an extensive series of spray drying chambers to suit a wide range of materials. Our spray drying facilities range from 500g/hr laboratory models to full scale high volume production models in excess of 10,000kg/hr. Our spray drying chambers are manufactured to required industrial manufacturing specifications.

Our spray drying chambers are manufactured using thick gauge steel and designed in line with pressure vessel codes to offer an increased degree of explosion retention ability. Our spray dryers are fitted with steam suppression systems to reduce distortion problems caused by fire.

Laboratory Spray Dryer

Our compact laboratory spray dryer has a maximum temperature of 200°C and liquid flow rate up to 1.6kg/hr. Our laboratory spray dryer is suitable for R&D and sample preparation of many products. We incorporate all parts necessary for the spray drying process and allow control of inlet temperature, liquid sample flow, drying airflow and compressor pressure.


Spray drying involves three fundamental processes: liquid atomisation, evaporation and separation, or collection of the dried product.






Fluid Beds

We have designed fluid beds to be the most versatile powder processing systems, capable of performing several different duties. Our fluid beds are custom built be batch fed or continuous in operation. They are static or mechanically assisted.

Some of the applications of a fluid bed include drying, cooling, chilling, classifying, blending, agglomerating, and coating.


We supply falling film evaporators to the food, dairy and chemical industries. Our evaporators are custom built to meet your individual specifications, in 304 or 316 stainless steel with mechanical or thermal vapour recompression options. Our falling film evaporators are single or multi stage and are suitable for use in processes as a standalone evaporator concentrating liquids for transportation or onward processing or working in unison with our spray drying systems for high volume powder products.

SprayDry Technologies

Here at European SprayDry Technologies, we are building on market experience and use project teams, design engineers, associates and consultants from an extensive array of industrial backgrounds. At European SprayDry Technologies, we cater for a variety of customers and our team will reduce the strain and cost of hiring the services of a number of specialist companies and consultants. We provide a complete solution for full management of your project including design, specification, planning, manufacture and the installation. 

Industrial Spray Dry

We have many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing industrial spray dry solutions. We provide industrial spray dry equipment across a variety of industries including dairy, food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

We pride ourselves in providing high standards, quality, safety and affordable prices. We have designed and developed unique processes for new products where quality of powder or granule counts.

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