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Europower Components is a dedicated sales team supplying a complete power electronic component solution to all power electronic market sectors.

Europower Components Ltd is working as a sales arm for world leading manufacturers of power electronic components whilst offering the added benefit of a complete power assembly design and manufacture capability.

With its technical and commercial expertise and the support of its valued supply partners Europower Components is able to offer the highest quality service whilst giving the most competitive engineered power components solution.

Supply Partners

IXYS Semiconductors
Dynex Semiconductors
BC Components
Comair Rotron
Bi-Sonic Technology
Westcode Semcionductor

Sales Representatives

Europower Components sales force is strategically placed within the UK, with sales representatives based in Hertfordshire (Stuart Thrower), Lincolnshire (James Powell), and West Yorkshire (Paul McHugh) and having over 44 years combined experience in design, manufacture and sales of power electronic components and sub assemblies.

Company Goal

To work alongside and provide the highest level of technical and commercial service to all customers whilst supplying a complete engineered power component solution.


Dynex are a UK based manufacturer of high power IGBT modules, thyristor capsules (GTO, Fast & standard recovery) & diode capsules (fast & standard recovery) and supply into high reliability applications such as traction, wind turbines, industrial drives & welding.

Fuji Semiconductor - are a world leading manufacturer of IGBT (modules & discretes), MOSFET (discretes), IPM Modules & Driver IC's.

IXYS - a world leading manufacturer of power semiconductors, their range of products includes, IGBTs, MOSFETs, Thyristors & Diodes

Westcode - UK manufacturer of high power Thyristor capsules (GTO, fast & standard recovery), Diode capsules (fast & standard recovery) & IGBT capsules.

Fuji Semiconductor , IXYS

  • Thyristors

Dynex, IXYS, Westcode

  • Diodes

Dynex, IXYS, Westcode

  • Rectifiers

Fuji Semiconductor, IXYS

Please see our website for full application notes 

Our supply includes:
Alcon, Arcol, ATE Electronics, Bi-Sonic Technology (BiSonic), Cooper Bussman, Danotherm, Dynex Semiconductor, Epcos (TDK-EPC), Ferraz, Fuji Semiconductor, IXYS, LEM, Meccal, PEC Components, Siba, Sirio, Vishay, Westcode, ZEZ Silko



Alcon Electronics PVT Ltd  leading manufacturer of high CV screw terminal aluminium and film capacitors (IGBT snubbers upto 3kV & X2) specialising in custom specific applications.

EPCOS - one of the worlds leading suppliers of passive components offering products such as capacitors (aluminium, film, power & PFC), Ferrites & accessories, Wound components, EMC filters, Varistors & thermistors.

Vishay - one of the worlds largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors & passive electronic components. Europower offers the Vishay range of screw terminal capacitors (BC Components) & high voltage, high power film capacitors (ESTA)


  • PFC Capacitors

Epcos, Vishay

  • EMC Filters


  • SAW  Filters


  • Power Capacitors


  • Film Capacitors

Alcon, Epcos

 Arcol - manufacture a wide range of power resistors, specialising in the manufacture of aluminium housed resistors ranging from 25W to 500W


Fans - Heatsinks

Bi-Sonic Technology - founded in 1979 as a manfucturer of AC and DC cooling fans. Bi-Sonic offers a wide range of cooling solution with frame sizes varying from 25mm to 170mm
Comair Rotron - a high quality manufacturer of AC and DC axial, centrifugal & blower fans. They offer superb quality and are able to offer a wide range of standard products as well as a customer specific solution

Europower Components range of fan accessories include: Fan cables, Finger guards & Fan spacers.
For full information please download Europower's product brochure on weblink above

  • Heatsinks - Custom

Europower Components Ltd offers a wide range of custom and off the shelf heatsinks suitable for use in high power electrical / electronic applications.

Europower is able to work to customer specific drawings (.dxf .dwg) to produce custom drill patterns and mill specifications.

For more information on Europower's standard range of heatsinks please download our brochure - non standard profiles are available upon request

Fans - Heatsinks

Circuit Protection

Bussmann - Cooper Bussman are a leading manufacturer of circuit protection devices. Bussman offer a range of fuses including miniature fuses, semiconductor fuses, high voltage fuses, DC fuses & fuse gear
Ferraz Shawmut - leading manufacturer of circuit protection devices. Ferraz offer a range of fuses including miniature fuses, semiconductor fuses, high voltage fuses, DC fuses & fuse gear
Siba - well known for their range of high voltage, DC & Semiconductor fuses. With products being offered in industry standard packages.

  • Fuse Gear

Busman, Ferraz

  • Varistors


  • Thermistors



  • RC Snubbers

Europower Components Ltd offers a wide range of RC & RC/MOV snubber networks suitable for use within AC controllers (single & anti-parallel thyristors) and DC rectifiers (phase legs). Europower's range of RC snubbers are designed to fit as close to the semiconductor as possible and therefore have 80mm fixing centres to match industry standard thyristor and diode packages.

For more information please see website to download full range

Circuit Protection

Magnetics - Transducers

LEM  a true leader in the design and manufacture of current & voltage transducers. LEM offer various technologies including hall effect & fluxgate with a wide range of products to suit all requirements for voltage and current measurement.

  • Inductors + Chokes


  • Pulse Transformers

Sirio - established in 1974 with the purpose to design and manufacture high quality electro magnetic components such as pulse transformers, high frequency SMPS transformers and mains transformers for applications in industrial electronics.

  • HF Transomers 



  • Ferrites  Accessories
Magnetics - Transducers

Power Assemblies

Europower Components Ltd offers the added benefit of a custom design and build power assembly solution. With over 75 years combined experience in the field of design, manufacture and sales of power assemblies Europower is able to offer a complete solution tailored to the customers requirements. Europower are able to offer designs for a wide range of assemblies, including Rectifiers, AC switches, Soft Starts, High frequency converters and offer naturally air cooled (NAC), Fan cooled & Water cooled solutions to meet the customers specific requirements.

Europower only uses the highest quality components within their designs and take care and consideration into the thermal, mechanical and electrical requirements.

Please see our website for some examples of custom built assemblies

Power Assemblies

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Europower also supply a full range of  power assembly accessories - please contact us for details

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