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We are an experienced capacitor manufacturer and renowned developer and manufacturer of a vast selection of electronic components.

As a specialist capacitor manufacturer, our range is unrivalled and includes extensive options in both general purpose capacitors and PFC circuit capacitors.

We supply capacitors and electronic components to the electrical, electronics and IT industries, as well as emerging markets including the industrial and energy sectors.

Electronic Component Manufacturer

We are a leading electronic component manufacturer. We develop, produce and market electronic components across the world for the electronic and information technology sectors. We are dedicated to providing admired products through our innovative and superior service.

 As an electronic component manufacturer, we produce chip inductors, film capacitors and chip beads. We have two highly advanced factories in Shenzhen and Wujiang, China. In 2006, we acquired a factory in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Electronic Component Manufacturer

Electronic Components Distributor

As well as creating our own brand of connectors and capacitors, we are an electronic components distributor and we supply a range of internationally known brands.

We distribute AVX, Sharp, Micro Crystal, Tyco, Kemet, and Samsung. Our electronic components distributor services include active, passive and mechanical components such as aluminium electrolytic, ceramic capacitors, tantalum, and opto-electronic devices such as flat panel displays, transmitters and receivers, band-based crystals, transistors and diodes, and connectors.

As a partner to many of our customers, we provide:  

  • Field application services and technical support
  • Inventory buffer to help react to sudden changes in demand
  • Value-added services such as Vendor Management Inventory hub services and supply chain program
Electronic Components Distributor

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