Euroscanners Ltd

  • Offer a cost effective and flexible reverse engineering service
  • Use the latest in laser scanning technology
  • Use industry standard CAD systems
  • Operate from a UK based facility with fully portable equipment
  • Can scan at base or on site at customer's premises

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A laser stripe is passed over the component to be scanned. A series of points are captured from the stripe. Multiple stripes generate a point cloud that represents the surface of the part.

Data Processing

The point cloud data generated during scanning can be orientated into a customer defined position in CAD. Point clouds can be sampled down to different densities depending on the amount of detail required. Cross sections can be cut through the data to produce a wire frame model. ".stl" mesh file types can be generated direct from the point cloud.


Accurate CAD surfaces can be generated from the cloud point data.


Direct comparisons can be made from the cloud point data to the master CAD Graphical analysis and detailed inspection reports can be produced.

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